Matthew Gibney Catholic Primary School welcomes all new families to our school community. It is our hope that all the children will enjoy learning and be proud of their accomplishments.

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2022 Term One School Commencement Monday 31st January

Term 2, June 23rd 2022

On Wednesday 29th June, Australian religious songwriter and singer, Andrew Chinn, will be visiting our school to share his songs with our children.   Andrew will conduct workshops across the day with the different year levels K-6.  

Andrew’s songs, such as “These Hands”, “Rainbow”, “An African Blessing” and “Rise Up!” are used in classrooms and liturgies around Australia, New Zealand, USA and Canada.  At Matthew Gibney, we sing many of. Andrew’s songs at our school liturgies and as part of our Religious Education Program.   

The concert will take place in the Undercover Area (weather permitting), at 2pm. Parents are very welcome to attend the concert and we look forward to seeing you there.

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  • Wed, 29 Jun 22
    Andrew Chinn Incursion

  • Wed, 29 Jun 22
    Milo Morning

  • Thu, 30 Jun 22
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  • Fri, 01 Jul 22
    Coming of the Light

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Our prayers and best wishes to the Year 4 students, their families, and teachers, as they prepare to receive the Sacrament of First Eucharist on Sunday morning.  The students are looking forward to this significant moment in their faith journey. It is a joy to hear the excitement the students have about their First Communion Day. My wish for the Year 4 students, as they grow close to Jesus through the blessed Eucharist, is that they will continue to seek the nourishment of the Eucharist as often as possible, throughout their lives. My thanks to Jordyn Sheldrick, Karen Keddie, and Fr Joseph for their preparation of the students to receive the Sacrament on Sunday.

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Matthew Gibney Catholic Primary School is a school dedicated to making a valued difference in the lives of our children.