I have been away these past few days completing a Quality Catholic Education School Review at another school.  I spoke to the students on Monday morning at our weekly gathering and informed the students that I would be away visiting another school.  One of our Year Three students put their hand up to ask me if I would be checking to see if the children at that school knew a lot about God and Making Jesus Real, as we do.  This was a delightful comment from one of our young students and reinforced just how much our students and staff value our Making Jesus Real program.  At school over this past week, I have witnessed students and staff Making Jesus Real in a variety of ways.  Our students and staff welcomed a new student into the Year 3 class with genuine kindness and care; a Year 4 student organised the fundraising and awareness day for Cystic Fibrosis; our teachers organised and hosted a social afternoon for our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families; a staff member coordinated the Matthew Gibney Pantry – these are just a few of the ways we have witnessed members of our community Making Jesus Real over the past week.  We should be proud of the way our community live their faith.  It is a wonderful testament to what we are as a Catholic School community.