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Matthew Gibney

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Matthew Gibney Catholic Primary School welcomes all new families to our school community. It is our hope that all the children will enjoy learning and be proud of their accomplishments.

This Issue

From the Principal  – Term 2, Week 1

From the Principal – Term 2, Week 1

Dear Parents, Friends, Staff and Students

It was lovely to chat to our students this week and hear all about their holiday adventures and experiences.  From camping in the rain and quick exits from cyclone affected destinations, to visits to the zoo and holidays with grandparents in Mandurah, it sounds as though our students had a wonderful Easter and school holiday period.  Welcome back! I extend a very warm welcome, in particular, to our new families who are joining us this term.  We are pleased to welcome Mrs Sue Swaby back to Matthew Gibney after her term away. It is good to be back at school for the commencement of Term Two.  The weather is glorious and there is much to be thankful for.

Cyclone Seroja Assistance

We have all being saddened by the images of the devastation to communities in the Mid-West of WA by Cyclone Seroja.  St Mary’s Catholic School in Northampton has experienced significant damage.  Many families attending the school have also experienced damage to their homes and properties.  Thank you for supporting our crazy socks fundraiser, held today.  Our fundraising efforts should go some way to assisting the community as they recover from the effects of the cyclone.

Anzac Day

We commence the school term with a long weekend for the start of Week Two.  The ANZAC Day long weekend is on Monday 26th April and this is followed by a Pupil Free Day on Tuesday 27th April.  We will have a short Anzac Day commemoration ceremony on Friday 23rd April commencing at 9.00am.  Parents and friends are most welcome to come along.  Anzac Day is one of Australia’s most important national occasions.  It is a day of remembrance. We remember and honour the Australian and New Zealand soldiers who landed on Turkey’s Gallipoli Peninsula on 25th April 1915 during World War One.  We remember and honour all soldiers, nurses, doctors and volunteers who served our country during war, and for those who continue to serve our country as peacekeepers in various parts of the world.  Commemorating Anzac Day gives our students an opportunity to learn that ordinary people are capable of extraordinary things.  We hope that by participating in the Anzac Day service and learning about Anzac Day in class that the students will feel humility, peace and gratitude for the peace that we experience living in Australia.

They shall grow not old,
as we that are left grow old:
Age shall not weary them
nor the years condemn.
At the going down of the sun
and in the morning
we shall remember them.
We shall remember them.
Lest we forget!
Lest we forget!

Pupil Free Day – 27th April

Students will enjoy an extra long weekend with the Pupil Free day on Tuesday 27th April.  The staff will gather during the day for Mathematics professional learning to enrich our teaching of Mathematics Problem Solving. 

Busy Bee

Matthew Gibney Dads are invited to come along to a Busy Bee on Saturday 22nd May.  There are a few small jobs around the school that require some work – nothing too heavy!  The busy bee will commence at 8.00am and conclude by 11.00am with a sausage sizzle and refreshments.  Please call the office if you are able to attend.

School Tours

School tours will be available for prospective families on Thursday 29th April.  Tours will be available from 9.00-11.00am and 4.00-6.00pm.  Please encourage family, friends and neighbours who may be interested in enrolling to contact the office and book in for a school tour.

Pre-Kindy and Kindy Enrolments 2021

Pre-Kindy and Kindy enrolments for 2021 are filling up quickly.  Current families are reminded that an enrolment form is required for Kindy and Pre-Kindy before your child can be added to our lists for 2021.  Please come into the office to collect an enrolment form or download a form available on our website.

Winter Uniforms

I am pleased to see that the students have returned for Term Two wearing their Winter Uniforms so smartly.  Thank you, parents, for supporting us in ensuring our students are smartly presented at school each day.  Parents are reminded that the Uniform Centre is open each Thursday morning, should additional items be required.

Cross Country

The Cross Country Carnival, for students from Years 1- 6, will be held at school on Friday 30th April commencing at 9.00am.  Parents and friends are most welcome to come along and support the children as they participate in the carnival.

As much as we all love holidays, the greatest joy we have as staff working in schools is the interactions we have with our students.  The students have returned full of optimism and positivity for all that lies ahead this term. We continue to be reminded everyday just what a lovely community we have at Matthew Gibney Catholic Primary School. 

Warm regards

Therese Hussey

School News

P&F Meeting Dates Term Two

Meeting dates for the P&F during Term Two are:

  • Wednesday 28th April 7.30pm
  • Monday 24th May 2.00pm
  • Wednesday 23rd June 7.30pm

During Term Two the P&F will be preparing for the 30th Anniversary Quiz Night.  Your support at the meetings would be greatly appreciated.

30th Anniversary History Snippets

In 1993 the school, as we know it today, really began to take shape.  May 1993 saw the roof structure going on to the Administration Block.  By June of that same year the Administration Block was almost fully completed.  1993 was clearly a busy year for the school.  The final photograph shows the building of the canteen as it looked in June 1993.  This was part of Stage 2 of the site deployment.  The Stage 2 buildings were officially opened early in 1994.

Religious Education News

Making Jesus Real Term 2 Week 1


Our focus for this fortnight is being THANKFUL or having gratitude.  In our busy lives it is very important to be thankful for what we have.  The little things like clean clothes, a warm bed, food in our lunch boxes, friends to play with, family that loves you, teaching staff that care about you. 

Many, many things in our lives we take for granted.  A cooked meal each nigh from Mum or Dad, a puppy that greets you when you arrive home each day, a nice school to go to each day.

It is time to start to be grateful for all we have in our lives and to show our appreciation for these little things we take for granted.  Say thanks to Mum and Dad for a lovely meal, show our friends we care about them by being a nice friend.  Helping people around us that need a hand. “Are you OK?, Can I help you with that?

 Choosing an attitude of gratitude not only honours God…it’s good for us!

Pre-Primary, Year 1 and Year 5 visit to St Francis of Assisi Church

Preprimary, Year 1 and Year 5 visited St Francis of Assisi Church on Wednesday, to learn about the different parts of the church and the surrounding grounds.  The Year 5 students acted as tour guides, showing and explaining the many special things that the students see when they come to the Church.  It was a wonderful learning experience for all the students. 

Year Six Good News

ANZAC Day art completed by Year 6 students!

Dates for Term Two

Friday 23rd April

  • 9.00am ANZAC Day Service

Monday 26th April

  • ANZAC Day Public Holiday

Tuesday 27th April

  • Pupil Free Day

Wednesday 28th April

  • 6.30pm School Advisory Council Meeting
  • 7.30pm P&F Meeting

Thursday 29th April

  • 9.00-11.00am School Tours
  • 4.00-6.00pm School Tours

Friday 30th April

  • 9.00am Yr 1-6 Cross Country Carnival

Friday 7th May

  • Mother’s Day Mass and Morning Tea

Wednesday 12th May

  • 4.30pm First Eucharist parent and child workshop

Monday 11th Friday 14th May

  • NAPLAN for Yr 3 and Yr 5

Friday 14th May

  • 9.00am Merit Award Assembly