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Matthew Gibney

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Matthew Gibney Catholic Primary School welcomes all new families to our school community. It is our hope that all the children will enjoy learning and be proud of their accomplishments.

From the Principal  – Term 2, Week 7

From the Principal – Term 2, Week 7

Dear Parents, Friends, Staff and Students

The Sacraments have been front and centre at school over these past few weeks.  First of all we congratulate our students who received the Sacrament of Baptism at a Liturgy of the Word at school on Wednesday.  We were delighted to share with the families, as the children were received into the Church. Thank you to Fr Joseph Rathnaraj for his gentle guidance of our students and parents as they begin their journey of faith as members of our parish and school communities.

On Sunday we were delighted to congratulate our Year 4 students as they continued to live their journey of faith by receiving their First Holy Communion. The reverence displayed by the students as they received their Sacrament was testament to the high level of preparation they received from their teachers and parents. Thank you to the children who came along from other classes to show their support by singing in the choir. The presence of the choir members added to the holiness and joy of the occasion. Sincerest thanks to the staff at Matthew Gibney Catholic Primary School, especially Mrs Jo Brescacin, Mrs Anni Shelfhout, Mrs Karen Keddie and Mrs Teresa Aldred for their work in preparing the students for their special day.

Milo Monday

Milo Mondays commenced this week with the Year Five Mini Vinnies preparing and selling Milo to raise money for the St Vincent De Paul Association Winter Appeal. Our Making Jesus Real value this week is “Giving.” The generosity with which our students, and staff give up their time to help others, and the generosity of our students and parents in supporting Milo Mondays, demonstrates that the virtue of “Giving” is thriving at our school.

National Reconciliation Week

National Reconciliation Week commemorates the journey towards reconciliation for all Australians across our great nation.  Reconciliation is a journey for all of us – as individuals, communities, organisation, schools and as a nation.  At the heart of this journey are relationships between the broader Australian community and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. The theme for National Reconciliation Week 2021, “More than a Word, Reconciliation Takes Action” is one that resonates with us who reflect Jesus at the heart of our journey towards reconciliation.  We know, as Catholic Christians, that reconciliation can never just be saying sorry.  We need to demonstrate justice to others in all spheres of our lives, just as Jesus did during his life on earth.  During National Reconciliation Week our prayer is that all Australians can strive for, and live with peace, justice and equity.

Dear Loving Lord, Creator of all,
you gave us hearts to love and minds to reason.
Help us to understand our differences and grow in love for each other.
Help us to come together as the rainbow comes together, many colours, shining as one creation over all the earth as you intended us to be.
In the name of your dear Son, Jesus Christ.

(Rev’d Robyn Davis, NATSIAC Life Member, Diocese of Bendigo)

Every Child Counts

Dr Debra Sayce, Executive Director of CEWA, is committed to ensuring equity of education outcomes for all students in schools across Western Australia. Dr Sayce has recently commenced a campaign, to strengthen the relationships between Catholic school parents and staff and local and state government representatives called, Every Child Counts.

“It is a priority of Catholic Education WA to make representation for families who choose a Catholic education, ensuring there is an accurate understanding of the significant contribution these families make to their children’s education.  It is equally important that parents, caregivers and staff understand how funding for Catholic schools varies from funding for government schools. The Every Child Counts website has been developed to facilitate this understanding. “ (Dr D Sayce)

Parents are encouraged to view the website and familiarise themselves with the funding model available to Catholic schools in Western Australia. An important feature of Every Child Counts is a campaign to secure further funding for mental health strategies and interventions in schools. 

Online Absentee Form

Parents are reminded that a notice of absence is required for students who are not attending school, for any reason.  An SMS is sent to parents if we have not been notified of an absence by 9.15am.  Absentee forms are no longer available on the Skoolbag App.  An online absentee form can be accessed via the website at the following link:

Mrs Keddie, Mrs Scriven and I will be attending to some school planning next week and will be away from school until Friday 11th June.  We will be in touch with the office every day so please forward any queries to Mrs Kays and Mrs Renzullo in the office and they will forward them on.

I wish all families an enjoyable long weekend as we celebrate WA Day on Monday 6th June.  Please travel safely on the roads if you are going away. 

Warm regards

Therese Hussey

School News

Smart Watches at School

Smart Watches are a distraction at school when they are used for applications, other than simply telling the time. Wearing a Smart Watch can be the same as having a smart Phone on your wrist.  We have had incidents at school where Smart Watches are used inappropriately, including to receive and respond to messages from parents during the school day. This is disruptive and unnecessary.  The school always passes on messages from parents, via the administration office.  Please set your child’s Smart Watch to a setting that only allows it to be used as a time telling watch.  The setting can not be altered until a child has left the school grounds.  Any breaches with the use of Smart Watches at school will result in the watch being removed and handed back to the student at the end of the day.  Parent cooperation with the use of Smart Watches at school is appreciated.

Religious Education News

Making Jesus Real      Week 7 Term 2

Our focus value in MJR this week is GIVING or being generous. We as adults and children sometimes we struggle to put others before ourselves. Society repeatedly encourages us to look out for number one.

Generosity comes in all shapes and sizes; it is not just about giving to those who are in need, it is just as important to give freely to everyone. Our friends may need a word of encouragement or appreciation, someone might need the gift of being listened to, or someone might just need to be understood. People who are generous in spirit are the ones willing to appreciate those who they may not even agree with on some issues; we can show generosity in many different ways.

Through the MJR program at Matthew Gibney, we promote giving, by helping children to see how they can be generous in…

  • their attitudes to others,
  • how they think of others,
  • how they listen to others,
  • how they share with others,
  • how they value others;
  • and how they give to others.

Welcoming Mrs Shaw to Year 5

We welcome Mrs Kyra Shaw from ECU, who is completing a 4 -week block of teaching practise in Year 5.  Mrs Shaw has already taught a number of lessons from across the curriculum, including Mathematics, Literacy, Art and Geography.  We hope that Kyra enjoys her time here at Matthew Gibney. 

P&F 30th Anniversary Quiz Night 19th June

A number of tables continue to be available for the Quiz Night.  We encourage all families to come along.  Family and friends who not members of the school community are most welcome to come along and enjoy the fun of the night.  The P&F would dearly like to sell all tickets to make the Quiz Night a success as they raise money for our nature playgrounds. 

Pre-Kindy and Kindy Enrolments 2022

Pre-Kindy and Kindy enrolments for 2022 are filling up quickly.  Current families are reminded that an enrolment form is required for Kindy and Pre-Kindy before your child can be added to our lists for 2022.  Please come into the office to collect an enrolment form or download a form available on our website.

Canteen Special

Pre-Primary Good News

The Pre-Primary class have been learning all about Australian Animals this term!

P&F Meeting Dates Term Two

Meeting dates for the P&F during Term Two are:

  • Wednesday 23rd June 7.30pm

During Term Two the P&F will be preparing for the 30th Anniversary Quiz Night. Your support at the meetings would be greatly appreciated.

Dates for Term Two

Monday 7th June

  • Public Holiday – WA Day

Wednesday 9th June

  • Walk and Wave Wednesday

Friday 11th June

  • Merit Award Assembly

Monday 14th June

  • Milo Monday 

Wednesday 16th June

  • Walk and Wave Wednesday

Friday 18th June

  • Year 5 Assembly
  • Edney Dental Screenings

Saturday 19th June

  • P&F Quiz Night

Monday 21st June

  • Milo Morning

Wednesday 23rd June

  • Walk and Wave Wednesday
  • 6.00pm School Advisory Council Meeting