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Matthew Gibney Catholic Primary School welcomes all new families to our school community. It is our hope that all the children will enjoy learning and be proud of their accomplishments.

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From Principal  – Term 3, Week 2

From Principal – Term 3, Week 2

Dear Parents, Friends, Staff and Students

The Year 5 Class Mass theme this week was, “Working with Jesus.”  During Mass the students, teachers and visitors reflected on how we live out our Baptismal promises.  We work with Jesus when we strive to show love for others, for the environment and for ourselves.  Thank you to Mrs Keddie, Ms Bettridge and Fr Joseph for preparing the students for Mass and for reminding us to Make Jesus Real in every aspect of our lives.

Dear God,

Please make me a Christian that loves other people with all my heart.

Help me to have a selfless attitude towards others.

Let me be a part of people’s solutions and not their source of problems.

Please let me be your true ambassador on earth, and let me serve you well.

In the name of Jesus Christ I pray.


Catholic Performing Arts Festival

Year 6 Student Leaders accompanied Mrs Keddie and I to the Catholic Performing Arts Opening Liturgy at St Mary’s Cathedral.  The liturgy showcased the talents and gifts of students across Catholic Schools in Western Australia.  During the liturgy the students received windmills as a symbol of the spirit of God.  I wish the following students, and their teachers, the very best of luck as they perform in the Catholic Arts Festival and share their gifts with others:

  • Amy Robinson, Charlotte Redfern, Imogen Powell – piano instrumental solos
  • Year 5 and 6 students – Musical Excerpt Oklahoma.


30th Anniversary Celebrations

It was such a pleasure to welcome guests to the 30th anniversary sundowner on Friday evening.  Past pupils, past and present staff and parents, parishioners and friends, enjoyed catching up, reminiscing and sharing stories of their experiences of Matthew Gibney Catholic Primary School. Sincerest thanks to the Matthew Gibney staff for their assistance in organising and preparing for such a successful anniversary event.  Our next celebration for the 30th anniversary will be on Matthew Gibney Day.  Please save the date: Friday 29th October.

Welcoming the Cockatoos

The students and staff enjoyed a visit from bird scientist, Simon Cherriman, to teach us about the threatened black cockatoos.  Simon erected a cockatoo nesting box into one of our large trees to try and encourage cockatoos to come and nest.  The black cockatoo has its habitat threatened due to a number of environmental factors.  We thought it could take a few weeks for the cockatoos to find the nesting box, but the Year 5s were very excited to spot a flock of cockatoos flying into the tree the very next day.


I will be away from school on 2nd, 3rd and 4th August.  I look forward to returning on Thursday 5th August and welcoming parents to the St Mary of the Cross MacKillop Prayer Service and Merit Award Assembly on Friday 6th August.


Warm regards

Therese Hussey

School News

Religious Education News

Making Jesus Real  Week 2 Term 3

We are continuing to focus on the importance of WELCOMING.  This was reinforced this week, when we learnt our Noongar Word of the Week – KAYA, which means hello.  The Noongar word for welcome is WANJU ( It has been great to hear the children saying “Kaya” in the morning as they greet their teachers. 

Confirmation 2021

Our Year 6 students have been preparing with Miss Zurzolo for the Sacrament of Confirmation on Friday 20th August. Next Wednesday 4th August, we have our Student and Parent Workshops. We look forward to seeing all our Confirmation Candidates, as they continue to prepare for this special event in their faith life. Please keep them in your prayers. 


SAVE THE DATE! Parish School Lunch – Gift from the Parishioners of St Francis of Assisi Parish.

The parishioners of St Francis of Assisi Parish have decided to gift the school with a school and parish community lunch on Sunday 17th October to celebrate our 30th anniversary.  The parish are arranging a luncheon for all members of the school and parish community. Families are encouraged to come along and enjoy this most generous gift from the parish.

Parent Intentions and Enrolments for 2022

Each year we have families discontinue their enrolment at Matthew Gibney Catholic Primary School, for a variety of reasons.  In order for us to allocate places to families who are currently on a wait list for the 2022 school year, I request that families who either know they will be moving, or those families who are thinking about a possible move, to please let the school know as soon as possible.  It is important that we can offer some certainty to parents who would like their child to attend our school in 2022.

Year 3 Good News


My holiday reflection through the eyes of my sunglasses!

Parenting Tips – Amy Power (School Counsellor)

Lea Waters – (Psychologist)

Improving one’s behaviour can be quite challenging – especially if it involves a child.

But the good news is that it’s not impossible to do it.

You just have to be consistent in the changes that you have to make.

To help you out, I’ve got 3 P’s that you can use as your guide in improving bad behaviour that your child may be showing.

1 – Priming

When you’re trying to change or improve a behaviour, find the weak spots that cause it.

Take my daughter, Emily, as an example. She can be very impatient, and I noticed that she is especially this way during long car drives. That’s a trigger. So, what do we do to ease that?

We prime her.

That means we explain to her that a long car drive is coming up. We even tell her the time of the trip, and it comes with an explanation of the traffic, etc. Also, we point out that there’s nothing we can do about it. Her impatience won’t make the journey faster. It won’t magically fix peak hour traffic. It’s just going to lead to annoyance, restlessness, and anxiety. Priming helps her prepare for something that she doesn’t want to go through. By doing this, we’re teaching her to be mindful of the situation while going into it.

2 – Present Moment

This is where improving the behaviour is put to the test.  In Emily’s case, it’s showing impatience.

We keep reminding her to be mindful of what’s happening and what she might feel. Every time she starts acting on her impatience, we ask her to take deep breaths. Then, we encourage her to explore how she can respond to impatience differently. We even go so far as to challenge her perspective about whatever’s causing her to feel impatient. We talk about the situations where showing patience brings rewards. All these aim to help Emily learn to come to terms with her impatience. We want her to find a better way to cope with the long drive.

3 – Post-Mortem

Once the event is over, you can discuss how everything went and point out where things can improve. You can talk about their feelings and reactions, and what you can try to do the next time to make the situation better.

In Emily’s case, once the long car drive is over, we talk about what happened and what we can do to make the car trip more interesting.  Of course, you don’t have to do the post-mortem immediately. You can wait a few hours or days. The important thing is to discuss this when everyone is cooler and calmer. It’ll be easier to find ideas on how to make things better next time. No matter what behaviour you’re dealing with, using the 3 P’s will help. It’s a straightforward exercise to help your child get back on track.

Upcoming Term Three Dates

Monday 2nd August

  • Milo Monday
  • Water Wise Incursion

Wednesday 4th August

  • Walk and Wave Wednesday
  • 4.00pm and 4.45pm Confirmation Parent, Sponsor, Child Workshop
  • Year 3 and Year 5 Bishops’ Religious Literacy Assessment

Friday 6th August

  • 9.00am Merit Award Assembly and St Mary of the Cross Mackillop Prayer Service

Monday 9th August

  • Milo Monday

Wednesday 11th August

  • Walk and Wave Wednesday

Friday 13th August

  • 9.00am Feast of the Assumption School and Parish Mass

Monday 16th August

  • Milo Monday

Wednesday 18th August

  • Walk and Wave Wednesday
  • Year 6 Confirmation Retreat Day
  • 6.00pm School Advisory Council Meeting
  • 7.30pm Parents and Friends Association Meeting