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Matthew Gibney

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Matthew Gibney Catholic Primary School welcomes all new families to our school community. It is our hope that all the children will enjoy learning and be proud of their accomplishments.

This Issue

From Principal  – Term 4, Week 6

From Principal – Term 4, Week 6

Dear Parents, Friends, Staff and Students

On Sunday 21st November the Church celebrates the Feast of Christ the King, also called the Feast of Our Lord Jesus Christ, King of the Universe.  The celebration is on the final week before we commence the celebration of the Advent Season. As we celebrate Christ as King, we recognise the freeing power of Christ who is alive and working among us to lift up the poor and needy, and to bring justice and peace into the world.  We see many examples of the commitment to the poor and needy at school during Term Four.  We see our students and families collect items for the St Vincent De Paul Advent Appeal.  We see our staff collecting items for new and expectant mothers and babies to donate to Catholic Pregnancy Help. We see our children bringing justice and peace into the world as they show kindness and compassion and strive to Make Jesus Real every day. The spirit of Christ the King is indeed evident in our community.

Lord Jesus Christ,

You are a King who cares deeply for his people.

May we search out those in need,

so that Love and Justice will reign

as the Kingdom of God is brought forth within us.

We ask our prayer in your name and in the power of the Holy Spirit,


Baptism Congratulations

I am delighted to congratulate Amelia and Lillian, students at Matthew Gibney Catholic School, who along with their younger sister, received the Sacrament of Baptism last weekend.  Our prayers and best wishes to the children, and their parents, as they join the Catholic Church community and grow in their faith over the coming years.

Annual Community Meeting – 24th November 7.00pm

All parents are invited to come along to the Annual Community Meeting on Wednesday 24th November, commencing at 7.00pm in the Library.  The P&F and the School Advisory Council will both present a summary of achievements during the year.  In addition, the annual school budget will be presented and I will provide a short report.  Nominations for membership on both the P&F Executive and the School Advisory Council will be received and voted upon at the meeting, if necessary.  Refreshments will be available during the meeting.  Please rsvp your attendance, for catering purposes, to the link:  RSVP

End of Year Concert

Save the date for the end of year Nativity and Edu Dance Concert on Friday 3rd December commencing at 6.00pm.  The concert promises to be a lot of fun as the Kindy children share with us the nativity story and the PP-Year 6 students entertain us with their Edu Dance items. Please bring grandparents, siblings and other special friends along to join in the fun of the concert evening.  The evening is always a highlight of our school calendar.

I look forward to welcoming parents to the Merit Award Assembly on Friday.

Best wishes for the week ahead.

Therese Hussey

School News

Kindy Information Meeting

Parents are reminded that the Kindy 2022 information meeting will be held next Tuesday 23rd November at 2.15pm. It is important that all Kindy parents attend to receive the information required for a smooth start to the 2022 Kindy year.

Pre-Kindy Meet and Greet

The Meet and Greet for new Pre-Kindy parents and children will be held Thursday 25th November commencing at 2.30pm in the Kindy room. This is an opportunity for the Pre-Kindy parents and children to come along and become familiar with the classroom and to meet their teacher for 2022. 

30th Anniversary Whole School Photo

If any families would like to order a 30th Anniversary whole school photo the order forms are available at the Admin Office. The photo is an 8 x 12 and the cost is $20.00. Full payment and order to be returned no later than Friday 3rd December.

Religious Education News

Making Jesus Real – Week 6 Term 4

We continue to focus on the value of KINDNESS. 

Why should we be kind?  Apart from the fact that Jesus showed us how to be kind, it helps us connect in a positive way with friends, family, and even our enemies.  Being kind can boost our own mood and sense of well-being.

Our acts of kindness might inspire others to be kind. Our act touches someone, who reacts in kindness to someone else, and that inspires more acts of kindness. Think of your acts of kindness as planted seeds.  You may not be around for the harvest but acts of kindness can grow into a bountiful crop!

And finally, acts of kindness towards those less fortunate than us can make us grateful.  It can give us an awareness of all the blessings we have in our lives.


One more week to donate





Year Five Good News

Year 5 created some amazing art based on the poems ” My Country” and “In Flanders Fields”.  

Upcoming Term Four Dates

Friday 19th November

  • 9.00am Merit Award Assembly

Wednesday 24th November

  • 7.00pm Annual Community Meeting

Friday 3rd December

  • 9.00am Year Six Assembly
  • 6.00pm Kindy – Year Six End of Year Concert.

Thursday 9th December

  • 9.05am Year Six Graduation Mass and Awards Ceremony

Friday 10th December

  • Students conclude Term Four