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Matthew Gibney Catholic Primary School welcomes all new families to our school community. It is our hope that all the children will enjoy learning and be proud of their accomplishments.

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From Principal  – Term 1, Week 7

From Principal – Term 1, Week 7

Dear Parents, Friends, Staff and Students

Our fundraising for Project Compassion has had a wonderful start with our St Patrick’s Day celebrations today. The students and staff arrived at school looking very Irish indeed dressed in all shades of green.  The green cookies were a hit in the classes and the students enthusiastically participated in the colouring competition.  Sincerest thanks to the Year 5 Mini Vinnies, and their teachers, for preparing the day for us.  All money raised will go towards supporting our Lent fundraising efforts for Project Compassion.  Photos from the day will be included in next week’s newsletter.

It was my pleasure to join Mrs Nickels and the Year 1 class as they participated in their class prayer liturgy this week.  Fr Joseph came along to join in with the students as they reminded us how we can be like Jesus as we help others.  This is relevant especially during Lent as we help others through Project Compassion.

Our individual student photograph day was held earlier this week.  A number of students missed out due to COVID related absences.  Please be assured that all students who missed out this week will be offered another opportunity for their individual photograph when our photographers return in June for the class group photos.

The P&F are currently preparing for a family car rally to be held on Sunday 3rd April.  Registrations are required by 28th March.  Details about the rally are available in the flier attached to this newsletter.  Please consider coming along to join the fun with other families.  We have few opportunities to come together as a community during this term.  The car rally is an event that encourages the safe coming together of our families for a community event.

A letter was sent home yesterday explaining the Catholic Education WA Covid Self-Reporting Portal. The portal is simple to use.  Parents are strongly encouraged to use the portal to self-report positive cases of COVID-19 to the school.  The portal is an efficient way for parents, and the school, to fulfill their requirements to report cases.  It continues to be mandatory that positive RATs are reported to WA Health.

At the time of preparing this newsletter we have only 10 positive cases throughout the school.  Class parents are always notified of positive cases in their children’s class.  Parents will be notified if their child/children are a close contact.  The whole school will be notified if a particular class has to isolate, as class members are close contacts.  I am grateful to our parents for notifying me when their children are tested and when results are returned. Our community has been relatively spared from significant positive case numbers, thus far.  Our prayers and thoughts are with those members of our community who are sick or are having to isolate because of COVID-19. 

As we continue to work together to minimise the effects of the challenges our community is faced with, I am conscious of how different school life looks at this time.  Our staff, students and parents have been wonderful in supporting each other and making sure the children feel safe and secure at Matthew Gibney Catholic Primary School.  However, things are not the same.   It doesn’t feel quite right not having opportunities to gather as a community, not having opportunities to celebrate our students’ achievements together and not having our parents at school events.  We need to be mindful about the language we use in front of the children.  As challenging as it is, we need to continue to be Christian people of hope and reinforce a sense of hope and optimism for the future.   We look forward to welcoming our community back as one at some time soon.  We will have to start thinking about how we can really celebrate our unity when it occurs, hopefully in Term Two.

Heavenly Father, I am your humble servant,​

I come before you today in need of hope.​

I need hope for a calm and joyful future.​

I need hope for love and kindness.​

I pray for peace and safety.​

Help me to walk in your light, and live​

my life in faith and service.​

In your name I pray, Amen.​

I can’t believe the AFL Season has commenced.  I hope your team has a win this weekend.

Enjoy the week ahead.

Warmest regards

Therese Hussey

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Religious Education News

Making Jesus Real – Week 7 POSITIVE

This week, we are learning more about the value of being POSITIVE.  Thinking positive thoughts and trying to see the best in a situation is called having a positive attitude. If we think positively, we are able to solve problems more quickly and learn to look at various aspects of life with positivity. Positivity assists children in being more resilient.

MJR teaches us to believe not only in God, but in ourselves, to look for the hero inside of each one of us.  If we have a positive attitude to life and the people around us, we will continue to grow and develop in so many ways. 

Positive thought lets us overcome mental and emotional barriers, and gives us the tools to manage them. It doesn’t mean ignoring them and pretending they’re not there. Being positive can help to make you a happier person and plays an important part in improving your mental health. 


Our Year 5 Mini Vinnies collected money for Project Compassion today through their St Patrick’s Day activities.  We had a great day, getting into the spirit of St Patrick’s Day, dressing in green, hosting a colouring-in competition, and decorating biscuits with green icing and rainbow sprinkles.  Thanks to everyone for generously donating to Project Compassion, so that we can assist those who need our help. 

Second Sunday of Lent 13th and 14th March


Biru 30, lives in a rural village in Jharkand State in India’s east. He lost mobility in one of his legs, after contracting polio as a child, which makes it difficult for him to walk. With your generous support, Biru was able to access an entrepreneurship and livelihoods development program, run by Caritas Australia’s partner, Caritas India. He gained the skills, support and encouragement he needed to establish his own bicycle repair business.

Now, Biru is able to provide a good life for his family – and an essential service to his community. He has discovered a sense of pride, confidence and hope which has inspired others living with a disability.  

Click on the QR code to donate to Project Compassion



Pre-Primary Good News

The Pre-primary children have made paintings of The Very Hungry Caterpillar!

Upcoming Term One Dates

Friday 18th March

Merit Awards presented in class.

Monday 21st March

Harmony Day

Friday 25th March

Merit Awards presented in class.

Monday 28th March

Pupil Free Day

P&F Car Rally registrations due.

Sunday 3rd April

10.00am P&F Car Rally