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Matthew Gibney Catholic Primary School welcomes all new families to our school community. It is our hope that all the children will enjoy learning and be proud of their accomplishments.

This Issue

From Principal  – Term 1, Week 8

From Principal – Term 1, Week 8

Dear Parents, Friends, Staff and Students

The final few weeks of the term are flying by. The teaching staff have been busy conducting parent and teacher interviews over the telephone.  Thank you to our staff for their preparation for the interviews and thank you to our parents for making the time available to have a conversation with your child’s class teacher.  The parent and teacher interviews in Term One are most valuable conversations.  The interview provides the parents with an opportunity to hear from the class teacher the progress the children are making during the term and set goals for further improvements into Term Two.   Please make sure you organise an interview time with the teachers, prior to the end of the term.

Merit Award Congratulations

It was my pleasure to present the Merit Awards to students in their classes last Friday.  Congratulations to the following students for their well-deserved awards in recognition of their hard work and dedication:

  • Year 1: Conor and Harlow
  • Year 3: Jake, Anna, Karina and Jonah
  • Year 4: Alicia and Alejandro
  • Year 5: Cruz, Lily and Imogen
  • Year 6: Georgia, Jared, Cooper and Xavier

Making Jesus Real Award

Congratulation to Diego for receiving the Making Jesus Real Award.  Diego displays an excellent example as he lives the values of our school.  Diego Makes Jesus Real in so many ways and is a wonderful role model to his peers.



Pupil Free Day – Monday 28th  March

Parents are reminded that Monday 28th March is a pupil free day, and the children can enjoy a long weekend. The staff will be working together on Monday to begin writing our Vision for Learning.

Early Close

All students, from Pre-Kindy to Year Six, will finish at 12.00pm on Tuesday 5th  April.  The early close will provide our teaching staff with time to conclude their parent and teacher interviews.

Easter Raffle

Thank you to the P&F for organising the Annual Easter Raffle.  A flier has been sent home requesting donations of Easter goodies. Please support the Easter Raffle as it is something the children look forward to each year.

St Patrick’s Day Fun

Covid-19 Self Reporting Portal

I am most grateful to our parents for using the self-reporting portal to report both positive and negative COVID-19 test results.  Entering results on the portal assists the school in monitoring COVID cases and saves us time with reporting to CEWA and WA Health.   The portal is an efficient way for parents, and the school, to fulfill their requirements to report cases.  It continues to be mandatory that positive RATs are reported to WA Health.   The portal is available on our website and can be accessed via the link: COVID-19 Self-Reporting Portal

Harmony Week

Harmony Week celebrates Australia’s cultural diversity. It is about inclusiveness, respect, and a sense of belonging for everyone.  The Harmony Week values are central to our faith as Catholic Christians.  They reflect the example of Jesus in valuing all human life, in the richness of difference and diversity.  It recognises the image of God in every human being.

Loving God, just as you chose your apostles from all walks of life, we pray that we may follow your example and embrace the unique qualities that each of us possess, so that we may bring about harmony on this earth. We pray to the Lord.


I hope you all enjoy the extra-long weekend.

Warmest regards

Therese Hussey

School News

Religious Education News

Making Jesus Real – Week 8 – BEING POSITIVE

MJR teaches us to believe not only in God, but in ourselves, to look for the hero inside of each one of us.  Encouraging positive thinking in children is one of the important aspects to shape their personality and future. As parents there are ways we can foster positive thinking in our children.

Be a role model

The more optimistic you are as a parent, the better understanding your child shows in the principles of positive thinking.

Do not dismiss the negative emotions

If your child is facing negative emotions and situations such as defeat or pain, do not dismiss the feelings right away. Acknowledge them and explain that such emotions are a part of life. Encourage them to look beyond the problem and think what good might be disguised in the problem.

Encourage and motivate your kids

A family is the first school for any child. As a parent, your motivation and appreciation work wonders in instilling confidence in your children.

Let your children believe that they CAN and they WILL.

St Patrick’s Day Fundraiser for Project Compassion

Last week, we held our very successful St Patrick’s Day fundraiser for Project Compassion.

We are excited to let the community know that we raised $380 for Caritas, which will be donated to help people around the world, and here in Australia to assist them to live with dignity.  Many thanks to the Matthew Gibney Community for your wonderful support.

Third Sunday of Lent 19th and 20th March

Janice 44, is a proud Wagilak woman, a traditional dancer, living in a remote community in the Northern Territory. As elders grow older and pass away, she knows she must share her knowledge with the younger generation. However, the community faces multiple challenges, including a lack of jobs, limited educational opportunities, and socio-economic which can lead to young people becoming disconnected from culture.  

With your help, Caritas Australia supports Djilpin Arts Aboriginal Corporation, which operates a centre for traditional and contemporary Aboriginal arts and culture, providing employment and generating income for local communities.

Click on the QR code to donate to Project Compassion



Kindy Good News

Kindy have been very busy this Term!

Upcoming Term One Dates

Friday 25th March

Merit Awards presented in class.

Monday 28th March

Pupil Free Day

P&F Car Rally registrations due.

Sunday 3rd April

10.00am P&F Car Rally

Tuesday 5th April

12.00pm Early Close PK-Year 6

Friday 8th April

Term One concludes for students and staff.

Wednesday 27th April

Term Two commences.