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Matthew Gibney

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High Wycombe


Matthew Gibney Catholic Primary School welcomes all new families to our school community. It is our hope that all the children will enjoy learning and be proud of their accomplishments.

This Issue

From Principal  – Term 1, Week 7

From Principal – Term 1, Week 7

Dear Parents, Friends, Staff, and Students


Thank you for supporting our Project Compassion fundraiser today for St Patrick’s Day.  The students enjoyed coming into school wearing green accessories with their school uniforms.  Thank you to the Year 5 Mini Vinnies for providing delicious goodies for the children to buy.



God our Father,
you sent Saint Patrick to preach your glory to the people of Ireland.
By the help of his prayers,
may all Christians proclaim your love to all people.
Grant this through our Lord Jesus Christ, your Son,
who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit,
one God, for ever and ever.



Harmony Day – Everyone Belongs

We celebrate Harmony Day on Tuesday 21st March.  We are enriched by the diversity of cultures and backgrounds that exist in our school community.  Harmony Day is an opportunity for us to celebrate diversity and remind each other that everyone belongs, and everyone is valued.  Please join us for our Harmony Day Assembly on Tuesday 21st March at 9.00 am.

Year 6 Student Leader Meetings – Student Voice.

It was my pleasure this week to join with Miss Sheldrick, Miss Zurzolo, and Mrs Keddie as we met with the Year 6 Student Leadership Councils to discuss how they think things are going at school in their various portfolios.  The students had plenty of wonderful ideas to share with us about how they could contribute further to the school.  The students were able to let us know what things they really like, what works well and what could be improved.  We look forward to sharing the outcomes of the meetings with the school community over the coming weeks.  Thank you to the Year 6 leaders for ensuring we hear their voice as we work in collaboration with our students.

Leader’s Forum – Missionary Discipleship

Christina Zurzolo, Karen Keddie and I attended the CEWA Leader’s Forum on Monday.  We had the opportunity to join with school leaders from all over Western Australia to collaborate and reflect on our roles as we respond to the message of Pope Francis to, “Go Forth Toward a Community of Missionary Discipleship.” We were affirmed by the mission of our schools as Christ-Centred and Child Focused.  We strive to ensure that Jesus is at the heart of everything we do and say.  Our staff are always aware that our young people have been entrusted to us, by their parents.  We strive to honour this responsibility by responding to our students and families with the mind, love, kindness, compassion, and forgiveness of Christ.  The Forum provided us with time to reflect on those areas in which we do well and those areas where we can continue to improve.

Keeping Safe Curriculum Parent Workshop

Parents are advised that the date for the Keeping Safe Child Protection Workshop has changed.  The workshop will be on Thursday 30th March at 9.00 am in the library.  Parents of children from all year levels are welcome to attend.  The workshop will be facilitated by school Social Worker, Chloe Grant.

Cool Pool Day

We keep our fingers crossed for fine weather for Cool Pool Day on Wednesday 22nd March.  Parents are reminded to please inform their class teacher if they intend to take their child home after the Carnival.

Allergy Aware School

We have some children at school who live with various allergies.  Some of these are serious and require careful monitoring.  To ensure that every child is safe at school we kindly request that parents avoid sending food to school that contains nuts or nut-based products, including Nutella.

After-School Sports Term Two

MBA Sports is offering an after-school sports club, commencing in Term Two. The club will be for students from Year 1-6 and will be on Monday afternoons, 3.10-4.10 pm.  MBA will allocate coaches to the school to run the sports sessions.  Registration is required and numbers are limited.  Please register using the contact details available on the flier that is in the newsletter.

Catholic School Advisory Council and P&F Meetings

Members are reminded that the Catholic School Advisory Council Meeting will be held next week on Wednesday 22nd March commencing at 6.00 pm.  The P&F Meeting will follow commencing at 7.30 pm.  All parents are invited to attend the P&F Meeting.

Holy Week Liturgies

Parents and friends are encouraged to come along to the Holy Week Liturgies during the final week of Term One.  Each year level, Pre-Primary to Year Six, will present a liturgy for the whole school community, commencing on Monday 3rd April.  

  • Monday 3rd April 9.00 am – PP and Year 1: Palm Sunday Liturgy.
  • Tuesday 4th April 11.30 am -Year 2: Jesus in the Temple
  • Wednesday 5th April 9.00 am – Year 3 and 4: The Last Supper
  • Thursday 6th April 9.00 am – Year 5 and 6: Stations of the Cross.
  • The Liturgy on 6th April will be followed by morning tea for all parents and visitors.

Parents are reminded that the Holy Week Liturgies are in place of year-level masses and liturgies in Term One.

Pupil Free Day on Monday 20th March

Don’t forget we have a Pupil Free Day on Monday 20th March as the staff will be participating in a Mathematics Workshop for the day.  I hope students and parents enjoy the long weekend.


I can’t believe we are now in the footy season.  I hope your team has a win this weekend.





School News

Good News

The Pre Primary children have been painting pictures of things that start with ‘g’.


Project Compassion Stars

A few weekends ago, Tex and Win (with a bit of help from mum) set up a Cake Stall to raise funds for Project Compassion. The boys gave generously of their time to make a difference in the lives of many people.  Thank you Tex and Win, for demonstrating our Making Jesus Real values of compassion and giving to others. 


After School Club 2023


Canteen News

Slushies are back on our menu and cost $2.50 each. Our slushies are 99.9% fruit juice and are not the same mix found in shops or petrol stations.


Counsellor’s Corner

Learn more from the Co-Parenting Peacefully Flyer


Music at Matthew Gibney


Parish News

Take-Away Food Fair International flavours  in aid of the Parish Centre Building Fund, organised by RCIA members.

Saturday 25 /Sunday 26 March 2023 after weekend Masses.

Any contributions greatly appreciated.


Please see details on clip-board in Church foyer.

Further inquiries Deirdre 9453 6847