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Matthew Gibney Catholic Primary School welcomes all new families to our school community. It is our hope that all the children will enjoy learning and be proud of their accomplishments.

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From Principal  – Term 2, Week 5

From Principal – Term 2, Week 5

Dear Parents, Friends, Staff, and Students


May 28th Pentecost Sunday

Pentecost Sunday is celebrated 50 days after Easter. Pentecost Sunday commemorates the descent and gift of the Holy Spirit upon the Apostles. Pentecost is regarded as the birthday of the Christian Church, and the beginning of God’s message to the world. The symbols of Pentecost are fire, a dove, wind and the colour red.  Fire represents the Apostles’ ability to communicate in new languages following tongues of fire landing on their heads. A dove represents the Holy Spirit as it appears during Jesus’ Baptism by John the Baptist. The colour red is also a symbol of the flames appearing on the Disciples’ heads, while the wind is a representation of God’s breath.

The Year 6 students will learn more about the significance of Pentecost as they prepare to receive the Sacrament of Confirmation in Term Three.  In particular, they will learn about the gifts and fruits of the Holy Spirit that will be strengthened in them through Confirmation.

Breathe into me, Holy Spirit, that my thoughts may all be holy.

Move in me, Holy Spirit, that my work, too, may be holy.

Attract my heart, Holy Spirit, that I may love only what is holy.

Strengthen me, Holy Spirit, that I may defend all that is holy.

Protect me, Holy Spirit, that I may always be holy.


National Reconciliation Week -27th May-3rd June

The theme for National Reconciliation Week is, Be a Voice for Generations.  The theme encourages all Australians to be a voice for reconciliation in words and actions in our everyday lives – where we live, attend school, work, and socialise. Reconciliation must live in the hearts, minds, and actions of all Australians as we move forward, creating a nation strengthened by respectful relationships between the wider Australian community, and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. We all have a role to play when it comes to reconciliation, and in playing our part we collectively build relationships and communities that value Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, histories, cultures, and futures.


First Eucharist Preparation

Thank you to Mrs Keddie and Ms Bettridge for preparing the Year 4 students to receive the Sacrament of First Eucharist on June 11th.  This week the students gathered with their parents for a workshop to learn more about the Sacrament of the Eucharist and to prepare for this special event in a few weeks’ time.  Thank you to our parents, teachers and catechists for coming along and participating so enthusiastically in the workshop.

The students will participate in the First Eucharist Retreat Day on Tuesday 30th May. The retreat will be facilitated by 24/7 Youth Ministries.


Farewell and Welcome

This week we farewelled Louell Renzullo (for the second time).  Louell has stepped in as temporary Finance Office whilst we have waited for our new Finance Officer, Ms Jennifer Cotton to commence.  We wish Louell all the best as she commences new adventures with her husband, Nick, in retirement. A special welcome to Jennifer who has joined us from St Peter’s School in Bedford and from Catholic Parents WA. Please take the time to come and introduce yourselves to Jennifer over the coming weeks.


National Simultaneous Story Time

Mrs Hawley and I enjoyed an opportunity this week to read to all classes in the school for National Simultaneous Storytime.  The story read to school children across Australia was, “The Speedy Sloth” – a delightful picture book about self-belief, setting goals and running your own race.  I asked the Year 5 and 6 students, before reading to them, if they were ok to have a picture book read to them, or did they think they might be a bit too old for it.  The overwhelming response was, “YES PLEASE.”  The older students were just as engaged as the younger children and it was a delight to enjoy the experience with them.  I asked the children if their Mums and Dads still read to them.  Most students said, no!  We talked about the joy of having a story read– no matter how old they are, and I encouraged the students to go home and talk to their parents about making some time, even just once a week, to read aloud to them to continue all the benefits that reading to children can have.


Survey on the Future of Education

Teachers, parents and students are encouraged to take part in a national survey to help shape the future of school education. The survey was released this week as part of the Expert Panel Review of the next National School Reform Agreement (NSRA). The Minister for Education, Jason Clare MP, said the survey was about ensuring those directly involved in the education system get a say in how to make it better and fairer. The survey will be open until Friday, 23 June 2023.

Life in Australia Survey (


Lock Down Drill

No doubt, parents would have been disturbed to hear the news of the need for a lockdown at Atlantis Beach Baptist College in Two Rocks.  We can only imagine how frightening the experience was for students, teachers and parents.

I wish to assure our parents that we have rigorous lockdown procedures in place.  A lockdown drill is practised twice each year and the process is reviewed and refined following the drill.  The same goes for evacuation drills.  Practices are held twice a year and we are always looking at how we can improve our procedures in these areas to ensure the safety of our students and staff.


Week 4 and 5 Gallery of Events


Matthew Gibney Pantry Sustainability Initiative – Every Monday

Don’t forget to come by the office on Monday morning or afternoon to collect free bread products, donated by Aldi and the Feed it Forward Campaign.  The products are all within date and will be tossed into a landfill if not used.  We are doing our bit to assist with environmental sustainability and reduce waste.  Please help yourself to products so they do not go to waste.


Term Two Parent Workshops

Please set aside time for the following workshops that will be offered for parents during the term:

  • K-Year 2 Reading at Home Workshop: Thursday 8th June 2.30 pm.
  • Understanding Your Child’s Semester Report PP-Year 6: Friday 16th June 2.30 pm
  • UR Strong Friendship Program Workshop (K-6): Thursday 22nd June 9.00 am


I will be away most of next week as I am on a school review panel.  Please direct any queries to Karen Keddie or Christina Zurzolo in my absence.  I will be back on Friday for the Year 2 Class Assembly and look forward to seeing everyone then.

Have a wonderful weekend.


Warm regards




School News

Good News

PP making art after listening to The Three Little Pigs.


P&F News

P&F Awards

The Catholic School Parents WA Awards (CSPWA) are now open for nominations.  Our P&F does a wonderful job of supporting the school with friend-raising and fundraising initiatives.  The P&F meetings are well attended, and the parents work together collaboratively in support of our school.  The P&F are integral to the positive school climate we enjoy.  Parents are welcome to nominate for any of the categories.  Nominations can be made through the website:



Canteen News

Parents are reminded to please add the correct year group for each child and to enter separate orders for each child.


Counsellor’s Corner



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