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From Principal – Term 4, Week 1

Oct 14, 2021

Dear Parents, Friends, Staff and Students

Welcome back to all our staff, students and parents for the start of the new school term.  The students have hit the ground running!  We have had a Waterwise Incursion and commenced Edu Dance lessons.  The Waterwise Incursion exposed the students to new learning about sustainability, conservation and the water cycle.  The Edu Dance lessons are, as usual, terrific fun.  I am always impressed with the enthusiasm and high level of energy the children have when they participate in their lessons.  We look forward to the Edu Dance Concert at the end of the term.

Term Four is a term of valuable learning.  During the term the teaching staff consolidate and extend the learning that has taken place earlier in the year.  Term Four is an opportunity for students to work on the topics and concepts they haven’t quite mastered before new material is introduced in the new school year. Please encourage your children to keep applying themselves and trying their best as they work through the final term of the academic year.

October is a month that the Church dedicates to praying the Rosary. October was the month in which Mary appeared for the last time to shepherd children in Fatima, Portugal, urging them to “say the rosary every day to obtain peace for the world.” The children will pray the Rosary together in their classes, from time to time, throughout the month of October. I encourage our families to pray Mary’s special prayer, the Rosary, as a family at some time throughout the month. 

Blessed Mother Mary

Blessed Mother Mary, Mother of all,

You have been there for us always. Thank you for guiding us on life’s journey.

You have been our guide and taught us to trust. Keep us in your loving care.

Help us to know your Son Jesus better, and walk in His way.


School and Parish 30th Anniversary Lunch – Register Your Interest.  IT’S NOT TOO LATE!

I am pleased that we have had such an excellent response, from our families, to the school and parish lunch to celebrate the 30th anniversary of our school. The lunch is a generous gift from the parishioners of St Francis of Assisi Parish.  The event will take place on on Sunday 17th October.  It is not too late to register your interest. A vast selection of  dishes from a variety of cultures will be available for lunch.  Desserts, juice boxes and tea and coffee will also be provided.  Please come along between 11.00-2.00pm to join in the celebrations. Please rsvp using the link:

This week we farewell Ms Felicity Martinz, who leaves us to commence her parental leave. We wish Ms Martinz all the best as she prepares for the arrival of her new baby in November.  I take this opportunity to thank Felicity, on your behalf, for her dedication to her students during her time as a teacher at Matthew Gibney Catholic Primary School.

Positions Available on the School Advisory Council and the Parents and Friends Executive 2022

At the end of each year some positions become available on both the School Advisory Council and the Parents and Friends Executive.  Parents are welcome to nominate for a position on either of these parent bodies in 2022.  Voting slips and a letter explaining the process will be made available to parents in Week 3 of this term.  Voting for the positions on both the School Advisory Council and the Parents and Friends Executive will take place at the Annual Community Meeting on 24th November. 

Parents are encouraged to consider nominating for a role on either the Advisory Council or the P&F. 

The School Advisory Council has a number of very important roles to play with regard to the development of the school. One of its important roles is to oversight and approve matters which have a financial implication for the school. The Council also acts as a consultative forum for the Principal on issues such as:

  • faith formation of students and staff
  • curriculum development
  • property and maintenance
  • administration
  • human resources

The Matthew Gibney Catholic Primary School Parents and Friends Association is the representative parent body to which all parents are members of upon enrolment of their child in the school. 

In brief, the P&F is responsible for:

  • Organising functions through the year to encourage a greater community spirit. Some of these functions are fund-raisers and some are purely social friend-raiser occasions.
  • Raising funds for both large and small projects, including capital works at the school.
  • Dispersing funds amongst many different activities that are offered to the children. The aim is to help cover various incidental costs including Matthew Gibney Day festivities and school camp costs.
  • Holding P&F meetings twice each term in the School Library. P&F meetings are open to parents and attendance is strongly encouraged. P&F meetings are an excellent way to find out exactly what the school is involved in and what is planned for the future.

Matthew Gibney Day and Grandparents Day Celebrations

Grandparents Day will be celebrated on our 30th Anniversary Matthew Gibney Day on Friday 29th October.  Parents, grandparents and visitors are welcome to come along and enjoy the festivities of the day.  For catering purposes, please let us know how many guests you will be bringing along, via the following link:

Enrolments for 2022

Parents are reminded to please inform the school, as soon as possible, if your children will not be returning in 2022.  We have a number of families on wait lists and we would like to offer positions if vacancies are available.  Kindy has a few places available for 2022.  Please encourage family members or friends, who are considering Matthew Gibney Catholic Primary School for 2022, to enrol as soon as possible.

I look forward to welcoming families to the school and parish celebration lunch on Sunday.

Best wishes for the week ahead.

Therese Hussey