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From Principal – Term 4, Week 5

Nov 9, 2021

Dear Parents, Friends, Staff and Students

I am preparing this newsletter whilst accompanying the Year Six students on their school camp to Busselton, along with Ms Zurzolo and Mr Battistessa.  We have been blessed with fine weather and the students are enjoying the team building and excursion activities the camp has to offer.  Year Six camp brings out the best in our students.  We see them challenging themselves, in ways they did not expect themselves.  It is heart-warming to be with the students as they display the leadership skills they have been developing throughout the year.  We see many examples during the camp, of our students showing encouragement, kindness and support for their class mates.  Most of all, the staff attending are proud of the comments we receive from the camp facilitators and members of the public about the behaviour and high standard of manners and courtesy our student display.  They are fine examples of the Matthew Gibney Spirit!

Remembrance Day

Our students participated in a moving ceremony this morning to commemorate Remembrance Day.  Remembrance Day marks the anniversary of guns falling silent on the Western Front in the First World War: the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month. Our nation stands in silent reflection for one minute each year to commemorate and honour those Australians who have died or suffered in wars, conflicts and peacekeeping operations. This year will mark the 103rd anniversary of the Armistice, which ended the First World War. One thing we can do for the people who fought for our country, is to continue the tradition of remembering them.


On this day of Remembrance, we remember the courageous men and women

who gave their lives in wartime and as a result of war.

As we remember the lives that have been lost,

let us promise each other to work for the freedom of all who are oppressed in the world today.

We ask this prayer in the name of Jesus who taught us how to live.


Visit by Hon. Matthew Swinbourn MLA

Next week, the Hon. Matthew Swinbourn MLA, Member for the East Metropolitan Region, will be visiting myself and representatives from the School Advisory Council.  During the visit we will be showing Mr Swinbourn around the school and talking to him about our plans for improvements and developing the school for the future.  We are interested in hearing from Mr Swinbourn how the State Government is supporting Catholic Education to meet the needs of current and future students.  Please email or come and have a chat with me, should you like us to ask Mr Swinbourn any questions about education, on your behalf.  I look forward to sharing information about the visit with parents at the Annual Community Meeting on 24th November.

Nominations for Catholic School Advisory Committee and P&F Association

We have received some nominations for positions on the Advisory Council, P&F Executive and for Class Parent Representatives.  However, more nominations are required. All parents are strongly encouraged to put their hand up for a representative position at the school.  The Parent Class Rep roles work best when there are a number of parents working together.  All nominations for Parent Reps will be accepted for 2022.  Please find more information and nomination forms for the required roles for 2022 via the link: 

2022 School Advisory Council & P&F Nomination Form & Roles of the School Advisory Council & P&F Association

Best wishes for the week ahead.

Therese Hussey