This Issue

From Principal – Term 2, Week 7

Jun 9, 2022

Dear Parents, Friends, Staff and Students

Students and staff enjoyed a snuggly day in our pyjamas to raise money for the Archbishop’s charity, LifeLink.  LifeLink supports a range of local charities throughout Western Australia.  It is a diverse charity that supports people across communities.  Last year LifeLink reached out to more than 34,000 Western Australians providing care and support programs.

The Year 5 Mini Vinnies commenced their Milo Mornings to raise money for the St Vincent De Paul Association. The Vincent De Paul Association raises money to support local people in our communities.  Many people are struggling with the everyday costs of living and the St Vinnie’s is able to provide practical support with food vouchers, clothing and other household expenses.  Thank you to our parents, staff and students for supporting these local charities and showing us that faith in action is alive and well at our school.

A Prayer For Charity

God of mercy and compassion,

We praise you for your goodness.

May your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.

Fill us with the spirit of loving service

As we recognise in those we meet.

The face of Jesus your Son.

Through the generous work of our LifeLink welfare agencies,

May burdens be lifted from the shoulders of your people,

And may they feel the warmth of your kindness and love.

We ask this through Christ our Lord. 


Week of Wellness Week 9 – WOW

Save the date! Week of Wellness (WOW) was so well received last year that we have decided to have another WOW in Week 9.  The following will occur during WOW:

  • There will be no homework for students, except for reading.
  • Families are encouraged to priorities reading together as a family during the week.
  • Families are encouraged to participate in family time events and take photographs and send to us. Photos should be emailed to:
  • At school we will have music every lunch time.
  • We will have additional outdoor learning opportunities and additional brain breaks.
  • There will be no outside of school hours meetings during WOW.

Music Assembly – Easter Play 30th June

The Easter Play will be performed at a special music assembly on Thursday 30th June at 9.00am in the undercover area. Mrs Aldred has been working hard with the students to prepare this whole school performance.  Please come along and enjoy the performance which had to be postponed, due to COVID restrictions in Term One.


Our school uses a range of communication options to ensure we get messages to parents in a timely way.  Seesaw is used by teachers to communicate work and events that are applicable to a particular class.

Parents who have concerns or queries about their child should communicate, via email, with the class teacher in the first instance. 

Short notes that need to be sent out quickly from the administration office are usually sent via SMS.

The weekly newsletter is the main source of general school information and should be accessed and read by families on a weekly basis. 


Semester Reports will be available for students from Pre-Primary to Year Six on Thursday 30th June. Parents are reminded to log into their SEQTA accounts to check for smooth access, prior to reports release date. New families will shortly receive an email outlining their log in details to access the reports.

Next Week

I will be taking 2 weeks of long service leave, commencing next week.  I will be on a pilgrimage retreat, walking in the footsteps of St Mary of the Cross, McKillop. I will be back at school refreshed and renewed, at the commencement of Week 10.  Please direct any urgent matters to Mrs Karen Keddie, who will be Short Term Principal during my absence.

Milo Mornings will continue next Wednesday morning.  Please try and send in a keep cup so we are not having to use disposable cups.

We look forward to the Year 5 class assembly on Friday 17th June.

I look forward to welcoming parents and visitors to the Pre-Primary class assembly at 9.00am on Friday 10th June. 

Let’s enjoy this rain.  It is usually scarce in Western Australia.  We hope it gets to the farming regions where it will be greatly appreciated.

Warmest regards

Therese Hussey