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From Principal – Term 3, Week 1

Jul 21, 2022

Dear Parents, Friends, Staff and Students

It is always joyful to welcome our students back to school following the end of term holidays.  They have arrived back full of optimism for all that the new term has in store. Thank you to our staff for their work during the holidays in preparing their classrooms, and units of work, in preparation for the new school term. Welcome back to you all!

This term we welcome a number of new families in the Pre-Kindy program.  Thank you to the Pre-Kindy Parent Representatives for making the time to reach out to our new families as they settle in to our school community.  We wish all or new families a happy and fulfilling association with our school. 

I am pleased to welcome Diane Scriven, Assistant Principal, back from her leave.  We welcome Susan Donaldson as Friday Pre-Kindy Teacher for the remainder of the year.  Congratulations and welcome back for Freda Burgess, Pre-Primary Teacher, who is back at school after her recent wedding celebrations.  We are pleased that Jo Brescacin, Year Two Teacher, is making a good recovery after her recent illness and is back on board this term.

We have started the new term with celebrations for NAIDOC Week.  The students enjoyed sampling bush tucker food from the canteen.  Thank you, Mrs Honter, for preparing the snacks for us.  The kangaroo sausages were a hit!  The Liturgy on Wednesday was most reflective and prayerful.  Thank you, Mrs Keddie and the Year 5 student for showing us how important it is to, “Get Up, Stand Up and Show Up.” We were pleased to have Tristan Look, Mathew Gibney Catholic Primary School parent, come along and welcome the students and remind us of the importance of standing up for culture and respect. 

Please come along to the opening of the Yarning Circle on Friday morning, commencing at 9.000am.  All are invited and morning tea will be available following the ceremony.

NADOC Week Blessing

May the God of creation warm your heart like the campfires of old. 
Bring wisdom and peace as shown to the first peoples of this land. 
Shake off the dust from the desert plains by the refreshing rains
followed by the glow and warmth of the sun. 
Let the light of God show us the right path
and stand tall like the big river gums
drawing life from the ever flowing waters. 
(Source: Uncle Vince Ross)

P&F Meetings

There will be a morning P&F gathering on Monday 25th July at 9.00am.  This is an opportunity for parents who cannot attend at night to come along, hear about activities the P&F have planned. and offer their ideas and suggestions. The evening P&F Meeting will take place on Wednesday 27th July commencing at 7.30pm in the Library.  All are welcome!

Staff Professional Development Day

Whilst the students were enjoying their final day of holidays on Monday, our staff gathered together to participate in professional learning to guide us on our improvement journey with the teaching of Spelling.  We worked together with facilitators to plan effective Spelling units of work for  class groups and individual students.

Parent  Workshops Offered in Term Three

A number of workshops will be offered during this term.  Workshops are offered in response to parent requests and we invite all parent to come along.  Please add the dates to your diaries.  Workshops planned for the term are:

  1. Thursday 11th August 9.15am. “Effective Home Reading” – facilitated by Diane Scriven for PP and Year 1 Parents.
  2. Thursday 8th September 9.00am. “Dealing with Children’s Anxiety” – facilitated by Social Worker, Chloe Grant. This workshop is for all interested parents.
  3. Wednesday 14th September 10.00am (following Year 6 Class Mass). “Managing a Transition to High School.” – Facilitated by Chloe Grant for Year 6 parents.

Warm regards

Therese Hussey