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From Principal – Term 4, Week 8

Dec 1, 2022

Dear Parents, Friends, Staff and Students

We just have to look around the school to see that Christmas celebrations have well and truly begun.  The students are enjoying their Christmas accessories and the staff are looking wonderful in their Christmas attire.  On Sunday we celebrate the second week of Advent. As we light the Advent Wreath Candle we focus on the gift of Peace. Jesus came to bring peace to the world.  We remember the angels proclaiming to the shepherds, “Peace on earth.” As we prepare for Christmas, we think about the peace that Jesus gives us, within ourselves, in our relationships with others, and in our wider world. The Gospel reading recalls the preaching of John the Baptist, who came to “Prepare the way of the Lord.”  In a similar way, we are reminded to take the time to prepare for the coming of Christ at Christmas.

God of our waiting, We light this candle to remind us that John the Baptist calls us to prepare for the coming of Jesus. We pray that you may deepen our compassion so that our hearts will be open to serve you in all peoples.

Parents and Friends Committee 2023

Thank you, once again, to the parents who have volunteered to take up roles as Class Parent Representatives in 2023.  I am delighted that we have 36 parents put their hand up for the role.  The engagement of our parents is greatly appreciated.  The committee for 2023 is:

President: Stephanie Kaciuba

Vic-President: Adam Bennetts

Treasurer: Lara Bateman and Emmilly Gibb

Secretary: Kellee Seden and Katelyn Kollar.

I look forward to working with the P&F in 2023 for the benefit of all our students and families.

2023 Staff

The staff for 2023 is listed.  The list is accurate as of today.  However, if anything changes between now and the first day of Term One 2023, parents will be notified. Our new staff member is Ms Temeka Curley. Temeka joins us from Orana Catholic School and we look forward to welcoming Temeka in Term One.

Leadership Team    
PRINCIPAL  Therese Hussey
AP Karen Keddie
Teaching Staff  
PRE-KINDY (Tuesday)  Kelly Vajas
KINDY Susan Donaldson
PRE-PRIMARY   Freda Burgess
YEAR 1 Gina Nickels
YEAR 2 Joanne Brescacin
YEAR 3 Temeka Curley
YEAR 4 Karen Keddie & Jessamy Bettridge
YEAR 5 Christina Zurzolo
YEAR 6 Jordyn Sheldrick
Reading Recovery Teacher Debbie Hawley
DigiTech Jessamy Bettridge
Gifted & Talented Support  Jessamy Bettridge
LOTE (Italian) Signora Annetta Davey
Physical Education Shannon Hewitt
Music  Teresa Aldred 

Non-Teaching Staff

School Social Worker  Chloe Grant
Pre-Kindy Assistant Karen Gallagher
Kindy Assistant Sylvie Spadaccini
Kindy Assistant Lucy Marchetti
Kindy Assistant Karen Gallagher
PP Assistant  Jennifer Moore
Learning Support Assistant Sue Swaby
Learning Support Assistant Jenny Iffla
Learning Support Assistant  Simone Tormey
Learning Support Assistant Jessica Evans
Year One Assistant   Danielle Fanetti
Administration (Finance) Trishna Baulka
Administration Julie West
Administration Flavia Lenzo
Library Officers Lucy Marchetti & Sylvie Spadaccini
Canteen Manager Alison Honter
Uniform Manager Lisa Denys

Edu Dance and Nativity Concert

We are very excited about the Educ Dance Concert and Nativity Play this evening.  The students have been working very hard, with their teachers, to prepare for the concert.  I look forward to welcoming parents and friends to this special night on our Term Four calendar.

Thanksgiving and Graduating Mass

The Thanksgiving Mass on Thursday 8th December is an opportunity for our community to come together in gratitude and thanksgiving to God for the success of the 2022 school year.  We will acknowledge and pray for our Year 6 graduating students during the Mass.  Mass will be followed by the Graduation Ceremony and morning tea.  All are welcome to join us.  Mass commences at 9.05am.

Annual Community Meeting Reports

The Annual Community Meeting Reports are available on our website.  Please access the reports via the link:

Semester Two Reports

Semester Two Reports for students from Pre-Primary to Year Six will be available to parents, via SEQTA, late on Wednesday 7th December.  An SMS will be sent out informing parents when the reports will be made live. Parents are reminded to check their SEQTA code to make sure they can access the reports.  Please do this in plenty of time so the admin staff are not rushing to organise codes in the last few days of the term.

Teachers have worked long hours to prepare the reports. The reports are an excellent account of the student’s achievements during the year.  Please read the reports carefully and share the successes with our children.  Every child has something to celebrate.

2023 Term Dates, Pupil Free Days, and Public Holidays

Term three dates are available on our website and can be accessed via the link:

Pre-Kindy and Kindy Enrolments 2024

We are currently accepting enrolments for Pre-Kindy and Kindy in 2024.  Please inform family, friends, and neighbours, who are interested in sending their children to Matthew Gibney, to collect enrolment forms as soon as possible.  Enrolment interviews will take place in Term One 2023 for the 2024 school year.

We look forward to festive cheer in the final week of the term.  I hope to see you at the Thanksgiving and Graduation Mass next Thursday.


Warm regards