This Issue

From Principal – Term 1, Week 2

Feb 9, 2023

Dear Parents, Friends, Staff, and Students

Our students, staff and parents gathered together on Thursday morning, with our Parish Priest, Fr Joseph, to commission our Year 6 leaders into their various leadership roles for the year.  The Year 6 student leader roles have changed to include all students equally.  Our belief is, that given the opportunity and good support, all students all can be excellent leaders. I look forward to working with our four student leadership councils during the year.  The four councils are:

  • Mission and Pastoral Care Council
  • Enrichment and Wellbeing Council
  • Civics and Citizenship Council
  • Environment and Land Council



Congratulations to all our Year 6 student leaders.

Congratulations to Amelia and Darcy who were Baptised into the Church at St Francis of Assisi Parish in Maida Vale.  We look forward to sharing your faith journey with you throughout your years at Matthew Gibney Catholic Primary School.


P&F Welcome Picnic and Disco

Please add the date for the Welcome Picnic to your diaries.  All families are encouraged to come along and join with other parents to celebrate the commencement of the year at the picnic on Friday 17th February commencing at 5.30pm.  Details are in the flier that was sent home earlier this week.


Water Bottles at School

It is not hygienic for students to drink directly from the water fountain.  They must have a water bottle with them at school, to refill from the fountains, each day.  There have been a number of students coming to school without their water bottles.  It is essential for good brain health that the students keep hydrated.  Please check that the children have their water bottles at school each day.


School Improvement Goals 2023

The school improvement goals for the year ahead were outlined to parents who attended the Parent Information Evening.  The staff will be working through the year, with students and parents, on the following improvement goals:

  • Mathematics – Mental Mathematics, the language of Mathematics and Mathematics problem solving.
  • Spelling and Writing: continuing our journey to improve phonics and spelling transfer to everyday writing. Genre writing using the “7 Steps for Writing” program.
  • Sustainability: promote further opportunities for re-cycling, minimising waste and CSAC focus on rainwater tanks and solar panels.
  • Resilience and Wellbeing – introduce the UR Strong friendship program across all year levels of the school.


Covid 19

Covid-19 continues to be present in the community.  It is a contagious illness and, as such, we need to continue to be mindful about how the illness may affect students, staff, and parents of our community.  We do have members of our community who are immuno-compromised, and we need to do all we can to care for them in a responsible and level manner.  The main message we can provide is to please, keep your children home if they are sick. 

If a student is diagnosed with Covid, we will inform the class parents as quickly as we can.  Students with Covid should stay at home while they have symptoms.  They are encouraged to stay at home even if the symptoms are mild. They may return to school when they are symptom free.  There are no rules about the wearing of masks.  However, parents may choose to send their children to school wearing a mask and, if this is the case, the parent decision will be supported.

Good hygiene practices with regular hand sanitising and the daily wiping of common surfaces will continue.


School Fees Advice Forms

School fees statements have been sent to all families. Please contact the office should you have any concerns or queries about your school fees. Payment advice forms are now overdue. Please return them to the office as a matter of urgency so we can ensure all payment options are set up in time for the first payments.

School Time and Office Hours

Parents are reminded that lessons commence at 8.45am for year levels Pre-Primary to Year Six.  The classrooms open at 8.35am.  Student and parents arriving prior to 8.35am are to wait in the class lines in the Undercover Area.

The office will be open between 8.35am and 3.45pm.


Kindy and Pre-Kindy 2024

We are currently accepting enrolments for Kindy and Pre-Kindy 2024.  Pre-Kindy has very limited places available.  Pre-Kindy interviews will take place early in Term Two.

We have some places available for Kindy 2024 and interviews will take place in Term One.  Parents wishing to enrol children in either of these year levels should contact the office as soon as possible for enrolment packs.


School Advisory Council and P&F Meeting

Our first Catholic School Advisory Council Meeting for 2023 will be held on Wednesday 15th February commencing at 6.00pm.

All parents and friends are invited to attend the first P&F Meeting for the year on Wednesday 15th February commencing at 7.30pm in the school library.



It is tragic to learn of the death and displacement of so many people, including children, who are victims of the recent earthquake in Syria and Turkey.  We continue to learn of the ongoing effect of the war in Ukraine on the lives of young people who cannot attend school.  We  support families and children who are in great need through our prayers.  Our prayers are also of gratitude to God for the peaceful lives we have the privilege to lead in our community, here in Western Australia.

Dear God

Thank you for keeping our country safe and protected from war.

Help us to respect and care for other people who do not have the peace and justice

that we are lucky to have and enjoy.

Give them wisdom to find peace and forgiveness in their lives.

Please make our world a safer place to live in, just as God wanted it to be.

May we be generous with what we have and follow Jesus’ example of love and compassion to all people.



I look forward to welcoming parents to the P&F Meeting next Wednesday evening and the Welcome Picnic and disco on Friday evening.

Best wishes