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From the Principal – Term 1, Week 3

Feb 18, 2021

Dear Parents, Friends, Students and Staff,

It is not until we have a few liberties taken from us that we truly stop to appreciate the freedoms of life that we all enjoy here in Western Australia.  Thank you for your support of the restrictions we had to implement during the first week of the term.  The wearing of masks and regulating classroom visits was certainly not ideal.  However, we all managed and came back this week with big smiles and a renewed sense of optimism for the safety of our great State, WA.

We will continue to do all we can to ensure the health and safety of our community.  The students are familiar with hand washing and hand sanitising routines, drink bottles are strongly encouraged so children are not drinking directly from the fountains, desk tops are cleaned daily and the playgrounds are cleaned regularly. Parents from Year 2 to Year 6 may come into classrooms in the mornings to see teachers, if required.  We request, however, that as much as possible parents avoid gathering in the main teaching block corridors in the morning.  Space is limited and we must continue to be mindful about the number of people in indoor spaces.  Finally, thank you for your diligence in keeping the children at home if they are unwell. 

The students and staff joined with the St Francis of Assisi Parish and Fr Joseph at Ash Wednesday Mass this week.  Ash Wednesday, the commencement of the Season of Lent, provides us with a visible sign of our journey towards repentance and reconciliation with God during Lent.  During Lent we focus on growing our relationship with God through acts of personal penance and sacrifice, prayer and almsgiving.  The children often talk about “giving up” something during Lent.  They could perhaps also think about “taking something on” during Lent.  For example, they could be encouraged to be kinder to others during Lent or to be forgiving when others are hurt or upset them.  There will be opportunities for almsgiving during Lent as the Year 5 Mini Vinnies provide a cake stall to raise money for Caritas and Project Compassion.

Lord, Teach me a new freedom.

Freedom to reject comparison

And to embrace uniqueness.

Freedom to cut ties with greed

And feast on love.

Freedom to abstain from over indulgence

And feast on self-control.

Freedom to leave behind selfish thoughts

 And to focus on the needs of others.

Freedom to fend off insecurity

And to embrace grace.

 Lord, at this time of Lent,

 Thank you for the freedom you bring.  Amen.

Our Making Jesus Real virtue for the next two weeks is Compassion.  We see our students regularly demonstrating acts of compassion.  Compassion is feeling for others, it is about empathy and kindness.  I have seen may examples of compassion this week as our students have reached out to care for others who may be feeling sad, worried and a little left out. 


School Improvement Goals 2021

Under normal circumstances, the annual school improvement goals would be highlighted to parents at the Parent Information Evening during the first week of term.  As the evening has been postponed I have listed the goals, for your information below:

  • Targeted focus on the Making Jesus Real values program.
  • Engagement with the St Vincent De Paul Association
  • Improved outcomes for the teaching and learning of Religious Education
  • Prepare an Aboriginal Education Plan during 2021
  • Improved outcomes for the teaching and learning of Writing
  • Improved outcomes for the teaching and learning of problem solving in Mathematics.
  • Establish and implement a wellbeing and resilience plan.

Parent Information Evening

Thank you for your patience with the postponement of the Parent Information Evening.  The evening will be held on Wednesday 24th February.  There will be two sessions for parents to choose from.  All classes from Kindy to Year 6 will offer the two sessions.  Session times are 6.30pm and 7.00pm.  At least one parent from each family is strongly encouraged to come along and receive important information about the requirements for each class during the year.

Please enjoy the Pupil Free Day on Monday 22nd February. The staff will be involved in a Writing Professional Learning day. I look forward to welcoming parents and friends to our first Assembly for the year on Friday 26th February at 9.00am.

Best wishes for the week ahead.

Therese Hussey

School Photographs

School photographs for Pre Kindy will take place on Tuesday 16th March. Photographs for all other year levels will take place on Wednesday 17th March. Please keep an eye out for payment envelopes that are coming home this week. Envelopes will need to be returned by Tuesday 9th March.

Afterschool Protocols on School Grounds

We please ask that after you have collected your child at the end of the day to leave the school grounds promptly. All playground equipment is out of bounds and we encourage you to take your children to the oval next door if you would like to catch up with other parents for a chat while your children have a play.

School Fees

School Fees statements were distributed to all families earlier this week.  Please return the payment option forms by 22nd January.  Please contact myself or Louell Renzullo at should you have any queries or concerns about your school fees statement.

Birthday Treats

Parents may bring birthday treats to school for the children to share with their classmates.  However, please keep the treats to individual items that do not require any preparation by the staff.  Individual cakes or wrapped food items are fine.

Requests for Holidays During Term Time

Parents who would like to remove their children from school for holidays, during term time, are to submit a request form.  Forms are available from the administration office.  Once the form is received parents will receive a letter acknowledging the request from the Principal.  It is the duty of the Principal to keep track of the legal responsibility of parents and schools for children to attend school regularly.

Car Park and Pedestrian Crossing

In order to ensure the safety of all students, parents are reminded that the crosswalk must be used both before and after school.

Student Stationery and Booklists

Class stationery and book requirements were delivered to all classes prior to the holidays.  Some items have been on backorder and should be arriving shortly.  The staff have distributed items to students.  Some items will be shared and some items will be distributed in the students’ pencil cases.  Class teachers will let you know if books require covering.  The bulk supplies have enabled us to keep costs down this year and have been most convenient in assisting teachers to have supplies ready for the children on the first day of term. Thank you to our parents for supporting this trial initiative in 2021.

Matthew Gibney Catholic Primary School Kindergarten Enrolment 2022

Kindergarten 2022 interviews will be commencing in March.  If your child is born between 1/7/2017-30/06/2018 your child will be eligible to commence Kindy in 2022.  Check our website for information or email

To avoid disappointment please ensure you have lodged an enrolment application.

Collections and Privacy Information Letter

There is a letter accompanying this newsletter outlining the use of data collected at school and privacy around the use of data collected.  Please read the letter to be informed about the use of data collected.

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