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From the Principal – Term 1, Week 6

Mar 9, 2021

Dear Parents, Friends, Staff and Students

The rain did little to dampen the spirits of our students, present and past, and our families at the annual Welcome Picnic and Disco on Friday evening.  I was delighted to see so many children joining in with the games and dancing the night away.  The feedback from parents was very positive indeed!  The comment I most heard was about the “positive vibe” of the evening.  Thank you all for coming along, mingling with other families and helping us to continue to build the positive relationships that exist at our school.  The best outcomes for our children’s education occur when parents are actively involved in school life.  I see this everyday at Matthew Gibney Catholic Primary School.  Sincerest thanks to the Year Six and Year One Class Reps for their work in organising the Welcome Picnic and Disco.  The added touches throughout the evening ensured it was an enjoyable evening for all.

P&F Meeting

Parents are invited to come along to the next Parent and Friends Association meeting to be held on Monday 15th March commencing at 2.00pm. The meeting will be held outdoors, near the junior playgrounds, and toddlers are most welcome to come along.  Play equipment will be made available for them. Please come along to this meeting and hear about plans we have in place for the 30th Anniversary Playground Development.  The meeting is a good forum for parents to have a say about events and issues involving the school.





Student Code of Conduct

The Year 6 class have recently worked together to prepare the Student Code of Conduct.  These students, under the guidance of Mrs Keddie and Miss Zurzolo, have completed an excellent job in putting the code together.  The Student Code of Conduct links beautifully to our Making Jesus Real Values Program.  The code is built around the four key words of, Safe, Respected, Successful and Welcome. The values are encouraged in such a way to ensure that every member of our community has an opportunity to realise their full potential.  The Code of Conduct was launched by the Year 6 students during the buddy activities earlier this week.  A copy of the Student Code of Conduct is available on the website 2021 Student Code of Conduct .

Sacramental Commitment Masses

Please keep the Year 3, 4 and 6 students in your prayers as they prepare for their commitment to receive the Sacraments of Reconciliation, First Eucharist and Confirmation at the Sunday Masses this weekend at St Francis of Assisi Parish.  It is a requirement that all student attend one of the Masses over the weekend.  There are four Masses to choose from: Saturday night 6.30pm; Sunday morning 8.00am and 9.30am and Sunday evening 6.00pm.

The Third Week of Lent

During this Third Week of Lent we continue to focus on developing our relationship with God through prayer, almsgiving and small acts of sacrifice.  Caritas Project Compassion boxes are available in each classroom.  The children have spoken about the small sacrifice they can make to give up a small treat, once each week. The small treat may cost as little as $2.00.  If every student gave up a small treat and donated the $2.00 to Project Compassion, just once during Lent, we could end up raising approximately $500. $500 would provide beds in a refugee camp in Bangladesh to an entire family, including their elderly grandparents so they don’t have to sleep on the ground.  Who would have thought that giving up just one small treat during Lent could have such an impact on the lives of others less fortunate in our world?

Loving God,
I hear your invitation, “Come back to me”
and I am filled with such a longing to return to you.
Show me the way to return.
Lead me this day in good works I do in your name
and send your Spirit to guide me and strengthen my faith.
I ask only to feel your love in my life today.

I look forward to welcoming families to the Year 3 and Merit Award Assembly on Friday 12th March.  Mrs Hawley and the Year 3 students have worked hard to prepare for their assembly and are excited to present it to their families and friends.  Please come along if you can.

Warm regards

Therese Hussey