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From the Principal – Term 2, Week 10

Jul 3, 2020

Dear Parents, Friends, Students and Staff

Here we are at the conclusion of another school term.  This time last term we were fairly certain that we would have a slow start to Term Two with most students working from home.  Things changed rapidly with a holiday announcement from the Premier.  The teaching staff, with their usual resilience and high level of problem-solving skills, were able to move between remote and face to face teaching to cater for the needs of all families and students.  Thankfully, we have had 6 smooth weeks of this term with all students enjoying the routines of their class.  We are all in need to a decent holiday break and look forward to a return to a settled second half of the year in Semester Two.

On your behalf, I thank all our staff for their professionalism, dedication and commitment to the students of Matthew Gibney Catholic Primary School during the term.  Our staff are the best models of our Making Jesus Real program.  They exemplify the values and behaviours that we promote for our students.

We farewell Miss Giulia Pasquale, who completes her time as Year One teacher.  Sincerest thanks to Giulia for providing the Year One students with such a good foundation during the Semester.  Our best wishes to Giulia as she commences her new role as Year Two teacher at Holy Rosary School in Doubleview.

We look forward to welcoming Mrs Freda Farmand back to the teaching team at Matthew Gibney Catholic Primary School.   Mrs Farmand is a valued member of our staff and she is looking forward to connecting with the Year One class in Term Three. Welcome back Freda!

With the lifting of restrictions, we are now able to welcome parents back into classrooms, at the invitation of the classroom teacher.  Parent help will re-commence in Kindy and Pre-Primary in Term Three and parents will be notified about the roster system.  Other classroom teachers will inform parents if help is required, at the commencement of the new term.  We encourage parents of students from Year One to Year Six to continue to encourage their children to come into school independently.  Parents are welcome on the school grounds, before and after school, but we ask that you avoid the corridors in the Year 2-6 teaching block before school in the mornings.  There is limited space in the corridors and we must continue to be mindful about health and safety.

Semester Reports

Semester One reports are available to parents today on SEQTA Connect.  Please take the time to read through your child’s report with them.  Congratulate them for their efforts and achievements during the Semester and discuss goals for Term Three.  Parents are reminded that, due to the disruptions of Semester One, no formal A-E grade has been allocated.  Please disregard the first page of the report document that explains the grading system as it does not apply to the Semester One report.  The formal grading will be included in the Semester Two Reports at the conclusion of Term Four.

Milo Mornings

The Year 5 Mini Vinnies have continued the very successful Milo Mornings this term.  The Milo Mornings are raising much needed funds for the St Vincent De Paul Society. Sincerest thanks to Mrs Keddie for organising the Milo Mornings and we look forward to continuing the initiative in Term Three.

P&F News

The Coffee Van morning attracted a number of parents to join us for a coffee and chat before work and after dropping the children at school.  Thank you to the P&F for supporting the coffee van this term.  We all enjoy a morning coffee and hopefully, we can continue to provide the coffee van a few times during the term.

Please support the purchase of the Entertainment App promotion that is advertised later in the newsletter.  The Entertainment App is available for a limited time only.

Thank you to the Matthew Gibney Dad’s Club for organising their first social event for the year.  The Palace Arcade social event will be held on 26th August and all our Dads are welcome to come along to enjoy each other’s company.

The P&F 30th Anniversary Cookbook has been promoted through the parent social media pages.  A school cookbook is a wonderful resource for busy parents.  I continue to use my own children’s school cookbook that was published many years ago when my children were in primary school.  Please look out for the cookbook promotion and support this wonderful initiative.

School Grounds

The school grounds continue to look immaculate.  We are fortunate that our groundsman, Mr Steve Vajas has such pride in his work in keeping the grounds looking so clean and tidy.  Holiday work will include the replacement of gutters and concrete work in preparation for a new cleaner’s equipment shed to be installed later in the year. 

Parent Sundowner Invitation

Parents are reminded about the invitation to attend a Sundowner on Friday 24th July at 6.00pm in the School Library.  The Sundowner will be hosted by the school as a thank you to our parents for their support during the challenges of the past Semester.  Please come along, if you can, to enjoy some hospitality from the school and to gather with other parents.  For catering purposes, please rsvp to the office.

Father’s Day Gifts

The order form for the Father’s Day gifts are due back at school by Thursday 23rd July.  Thank you to the P&F parents reps for organising the Father’s Day gift ordering. 

Canteen News

Thank you to Mrs Honter, canteen manager, for organising the Derby Day lunch today.  If the ordering is anything to go by it looks as though we will be in for an Eagles win over the Dockers, come the 18th July.  At this stage of the season, however, WA fans may be thinking that the Derby Day game could be the only guaranteed WA win this season.

A Term Three Planner accompanies this newsletter.  Please take note of the dates for the various events that are planned for the term.

Sunday 5th July is recognised as Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Sunday.

 The National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Catholic Council promotes and celebrates the cultural identity of our Peoples across the nation by living and expressing, in all its endeavours, the spirituality of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Catholic Peoples.

We pray for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples. That all will recognize the Creator Spirit in their culture and the cultures of all newcomers which will allow all Australians to live fully, grow strong and be proud of their heritage. (

I take this opportunity to thank our families for their support during the term.  Please enjoy the holiday break with your children.  If you are travelling away for the holidays, please travel carefully and safely.  We look forward to welcoming you all back to the start of Term Three on Monday 20th July.

Warm regards

Therese Hussey