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From the Principal – Term 2, Week 7

Jun 12, 2020

Dear Parents, Friends, Students and Staff

We have enjoyed welcoming our parents back on to the school grounds this week.  I thank our parents for not gathering in large number during the morning and afternoon drop off and pick up times.  I commend those students who are continuing to come into school independently and carry their own bags. We want our students to be independent and resilient.

The staff have appreciated the additional time in the mornings, without interruptions, to prepare for the day and to get the children ready to start their lessons promptly at 8.55am.  The additional teaching and learning time will be of benefit to all our students.

Thank you to the P&F for organising the coffee van this morning.  It was a lovely opportunity to have a chat together and reconnect.

Milo mornings have been popular.  Thank you to Mrs Honter for organising the milo mornings on Tuesday mornings and Mrs Keddie and the Year Five Mini Vinnies for organising the milo mornings on Thursday mornings.  A warm milo with marshmallows is always a wonderful way to start the day at school.


Uniform Shop

I am pleased to let you know that the Uniform Shop will open once again, on Friday 19th June from 8.15 – 915am.  Please note that only one family can use the Uniform Shop at a time.


Cross Country

We were delighted to hand out the Cross-Country Championship medals and trophy at the Monday morning gathering this week.  Congratulations to all our students who participated with such enthusiasm and challenged themselves with their individual performances.  Congratulations to our faction winners, Durkin.  Matilda and Ethan did a wonderful job in thanking their team mates and the other teams for their sportsmanship on the day.  I extend thanks to Mrs Hewitt for all her hard work in preparing the Cross Country Carnival once again this year.


Semester One Reports

Due to COVID-19 and the disruption to learning and teaching, schools across the country have been offered flexibility in reporting for Semester One 2020.  The coronavirus disruptions have had a significant effect on the assessments we would normally collect during the semester and, as a result, the reports will be amended and will not use the five-point A-E scale.  The Semester One reports will provide the following information to parents:

  • The reports will include comments to parents about the progress and performance for each student in the Religious Education, English and Mathematics learning areas during the semester.
  • Information regarding attitude and behaviours will be included in the report.
  • Not all specialist learning areas will be reported on in the report.
  • A General and Principal comment will be included.


Reports will be available to parents on Friday 3rd July.  Parents will have an opportunity to have an interview with teachers in Term Three to discuss the Semester reports.

The Semester Two report should revert back to the usual style of reporting with grades in all learning areas.

Reports will be available to parents via the SEQTA link.  New families will be sent information about setting a username and password to access their children’s reports.


Board and P&F Meeting

Board members are reminded that the Board Meeting will be held in the Library on Wednesday 17th June commencing at 6.00pm. 

The P&F Meeting will commence at 7.30pm in the Library and all parents are welcome to come along and add their voice to the decisions that the P&F make. A Zoom invitation will be sent out for those parents who cannot attend in person.


Feast of Corpus Christi

This Sunday we celebrate the Feast of Corpus Christi, the Holy Body and Blood of Christ.  It would normally be the day we celebrate our students receiving First Eucharist.  We look forward to this being the case in 2021.  The Feast commemorates the immense gift of the Eucharist in our lives and in the church.  As Catholics, we believe that we receive the presence of Christ, the Body and Blood, through the bread and wine.  We get spiritual nourishment through the gift of the Eucharist and we celebrate that as a Church we can gather, once again, to receive this most wonderous of sacraments.

Oh Lord Jesus Christ, we thank You for the gift of Your Holy Body and Blood through which we get strengthened body, soul and mind. We offer You our undivided love and service to our brothers and sisters as it is Your Holy will.


We thank God for the rain this week and pray that it reaches the farming communities who rely on the rain after their recent seeding.   Let’s be thankful also for the recommencement of the AFL football season – a welcome distraction for many of us over the weekend.  I have enjoyed talking to the students about their various sports that have recommenced this past week.  Active participation in physical activities is so healthy for our young people and, although parents may have enjoyed the recent quieter weekends, the return to sport commitments is another big step back into our usual and more normal routines.


Warm regards

Therese Hussey