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From the Principal – Term 3, Week 9

Sep 16, 2020

Dear Parents, Friends, Students and Staff

Sacrament of First Reconciliation

The Year Three students have been busily preparing to receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation for the first time at school next week.  This is a special time in the lives of the Year Three students and their families.  The Sacrament of Reconciliation is one of love, forgiveness and healing, marking a significant step in the faith journey of our students.  Many thanks to Mrs Hawley for preparing the children so beautifully to receive their Sacrament.  Thank you to Mrs Keddie and Fr Joseph for their support and preparation for the Reconciliation ceremony and thank you parents for your support of the children during this time of preparation.  We look forward to the Reconciliation ceremony on Tuesday 22nd September commencing at 9.00am.

A Prayer for our Reconciliation Candidates

Loving God help us to teach our children that you love us totally and unconditionally. Help us to encourage our children to grow in love and to learn how to say sorry, knowing that you always forgive. Give us the courage to pray with our children and to share our faith with them as we journey together. We ask this through Christ our Lord.


Inter-School Athletics Carnival

Final preparations for the Inter-School Athletics Carnival are underway. Best wishes to the students competing in the inter-school carnival today.  I have great confidence that the team members will represent their school with pride as they do their best and show support and encouragement to their teammates.  Sincerest thanks to Mrs Hewitt for preparing the team for their events.  I extend our thanks to our Interschool Athletics Team Captains, Harrison Alleway and Matilda Tormey for their leadership at the carnival.  A big thank you to the P&F for organising the lunches and morning teas as a service for parents, spectators and students. 

Parents and Friends Association

The P&F executive held two meetings this week; an afternoon meeting in addition to the usual evening meeting.  It was wonderful to see parents come along to their first P&F meeting during the afternoon session.  The P&F have decided that we will offer afternoon meetings more regularly in 2021 in order to give as many parents as possible an opportunity to be involved. The P&F made some decisions in relation to the parent rep roles and have commenced some planning for 2021.  Minutes from the meetings will be made available to all parents. 


Out of School Hours Care Notification

A note explaining a possible out of school hours care facility at Matthew Gibney for 2021 was sent home earlier this week.  Parents are encouraged to return the preliminary enrolment form before the end of the term.  Please notify the administration office if you did not receive a copy of the note.  Please direct all enquiries about the facility to Discovery Kids.  Their contact details are available in the note that was sent home.


School Photographs

The school photographs that were taken at the beginning of this term will be ready for parents at some time next week.  Midland Photographers apologise for the delay but they have been very busy this term accommodating school photos from a number of schools who, like us, have had to postpone their school photographs due to the COVID pandemic.


Father Joseph’s 75th Birthday

Our Parish Priest, Fr Joseph, will celebrate his 75th birthday on Saturday.  Our heartfelt congratulations and best wishes to Fr Joseph for this milestone.  We wish him a very happy birthday and a wonderful day of celebrations with family and friends.  Everyone is welcome to come and join in the celebrations with Mass on Saturday 19th September at 9.30am followed by morning tea.

I look forward to welcoming the Year Four parents to the class Mass next Wednesday morning commencing at 9.00am in the Library.

Parents are remined that Term Three will conclude for students on Thursday 24th September and Term Four commences on Monday 12th October.

Best wishes for the week ahead.

Therese Hussey