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Matthew Gibney Catholic Primary School welcomes all new families to our school community. It is our hope that all the children will enjoy learning and be proud of their accomplishments.

Nurturing the self worth
and potential of all…

Matthew Gibney Catholic Primary School is a school dedicated to making a valued difference in the lives of our children. We trust that when people look back at the time spent in our school they cherish fond memories of a genuine and faithful community, ‘Under God’s Protection’ always.

2023 Newsletters


From the Principal  – Term 3, Week 10

From the Principal – Term 3, Week 10

Here we are at the end of another school term. Where does the time go? This has been an eventful term, with sports carnivals, Book Week, Book Fair, First Reconciliation and Confirmation. We have provided a thriving learning community for our students, and their families. However, the success of the school term is only possible because of our wonderful staff and parents. Thank you for working together in the best interests of our students. We can never forget our core business – providing a safe, nurturing and happy environment for all our little people to grow and thrive.
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From the Principal – Term 3, Week 9

Please keep the Year 3 students, and their families, in your prayers as they prepare to receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation for the first time on Wednesday 20 September.  The students have been working hard with Ms Curley, and their parents, to prepare to receive the sacrament. It is an exciting time for the students as they take this next step in their faith journey with God.

From the Principal – Term 3, Week 8

National Child Protection Week is a great time to consider how we all play a part in fostering a safe and supportive school community for our children.  We have all heard the phrase, “It takes a village to raise a child”, and during National Child Protection Week we should consider how it is the responsibility of all adults to ensure the physical, emotional and psychological safety of every child in our community.  They all deserve to be championed, and respected and know they are valued members of our school.

From the Principal – Term 3, Week 7

Thank you to our wonderful P&F for organising such a successful Father’s Day Breakfast this morning. It was terrific to see so many Dads and Grandfathers coming along.  On behalf of our students, I thank all the father figures in our school community for your love, guidance and dedication to your children.  I hope you have a wonderful Father’s Day on Sunday.

From the Principal – Term 3, Week 6

It has been wonderful to be back at school and to catch up with the staff, students and parents after my 5 weeks away.  It has been even more terrific to come back to everything left so smoothly.  I am most grateful to Karen Keddie and Christina Zurzolo for their leadership of our school during my absence.

From the Principal – Term 3, Week 5

Our prayers are with our Year 6 students and students from the Parish Religious Education group will be receiving the Sacrament of Confirmation on Saturday 19th August at 6 pm.  It is lovely to see how the other classes in the school are thinking of our Confirmation students by making cards and writing prayers for them.  Many thanks to the students from Years 2-6, who have volunteered to sing at this Mass, and to Mr Laurenson who will play for us.

From the Principal – Term 3, Week 4

A huge thank you to our P&F and their amazing team of helpers for the Midland Bunnings Sausage Sizzle last Saturday.  What a great Matthew Community event!  It was lovely to see so many of our families turning up to buy a sausage sizzle.  The total amount raised will be revealed very soon by the P&F.  Days like this, do not happen without a great deal of hard work and preparation behind the scenes.  Congratulations to Kacey and her team for their organisation.

From the Principal – Term 3, Week 3

Thank you to our Year 6 students, parents and sponsors, who attended the Confirmation Workshop on Wednesday evening.  Mrs Clare Broad from the CEWA Catechist Team, gave an excellent presentation on the Sacrament.  It was lovely to hear her feedback on how well-prepared our students are.  Well done Miss Sheldrick.   Please continue to keep the Year 6 students in your prayers as they move closer to the celebration of the Sacrament on the 19th of August.

From the Principal – Term 3, Week 2

Over the course of this week, I have seen so many people in our school community sharing their talents and working for the good of our children.  We are truly blessed and I thank all our volunteers – classroom parent helpers, our canteen grandmothers, our reading book exchangers, our P&F – for your hard work.

From Principal – Term 2, Week 10

Here we are at the end of another school term.  It is evident, by the number of illness absentees this week, that we are all in need of a good rest.  Our students and staff have enjoyed a productive term.  School life is busy – there is always plenty of activity.  We could not experience the joys of school life without the support of our parents.  Once again, I thank all of you for your support of the students, staff and the school. We are blessed here at Matthew Gibney Catholic Primary School with a supportive and invested community.  We indeed have a village here at our school to love, support and nurture our students.

From Principal – Term 2, Week 9

Dear Parents, Friends, Staff, and Students The students and staff have enjoyed the various activities for our Week of Wellness.  Pyjama Day was a big hit!  The visit by Liturgical Musician, Michael Mangan, was a special treat, as were the Milo Mornings and the...

From Principal – Term 2, Week 8

Next week we will have our Week of Wellness – WOW! This is an opportunity for us all to take a breath and try and balance our school, work, and family life.  Ideally, we should be always focusing on our personal wellbeing, however, the many demands on our time often make this challenging. I hope our parents can spend the week having a little more focus on family life activities.  A Seesaw message has been sent home outlining the events of WOW Week.

From Principal – Term 2, Week 7

I spoke to the Year 4 students earlier this week about memories I have of my First Communion Day.  I explained to them that the day is such a special day, and receiving Jesus for the first time in the Holy Eucharist will become a lifelong memory.  The students are clearly excited to receive their Communion on Sunday and, it is clear that they are well prepared.  Our very best wishes to the Year 4 students, their parents and families for a wonderful First Communion Day.  On your behalf I thank our teachers, Mrs Keddie and Ms Bettridge for preparing the students so thoroughly.  I thank Fr Joseph for his commitment and support in ensuring the ceremony is memorable for the children. Thankyou to Mrs Aldred and the choir for their generosity in providing the music and, finally, thank you to our staff for their support of the Holy Communicants..

From Principal – Term 2, Week 6

I have been away these past few days completing a Quality Catholic Education School Review at another school.  I spoke to the students on Monday morning at our weekly gathering and informed the students that I would be away visiting another school.  One of our Year Three students put their hand up to ask me if I would be checking to see if the children at that school knew a lot about God and Making Jesus Real, as we do.  This was a delightful comment from one of our young students and reinforced just how much our students and staff value our Making Jesus Real program.  At school over this past week, I have witnessed students and staff Making Jesus Real in a variety of ways.  Our students and staff welcomed a new student into the Year 3 class with genuine kindness and care; a Year 4 student organised the fundraising and awareness day for Cystic Fibrosis; our teachers organised and hosted a social afternoon for our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families; a staff member coordinated the Matthew Gibney Pantry – these are just a few of the ways we have witnessed members of our community Making Jesus Real over the past week.  We should be proud of the way our community live their faith.  It is a wonderful testament to what we are as a Catholic School community.

From Principal – Term 2, Week 5

Pentecost Sunday is celebrated 50 days after Easter. Pentecost Sunday commemorates the descent and gift of the Holy Spirit upon the Apostles. Pentecost is regarded as the birthday of the Christian Church, and the beginning of God's message to the world. The symbols of Pentecost are fire, a dove, wind and the colour red.  Fire represents the Apostles' ability to communicate in new languages following tongues of fire landing on their heads. A dove represents the Holy Spirit as it appears during Jesus' Baptism by John the Baptist. The colour red is also a symbol of the flames appearing on the Disciples' heads, while the wind is a representation of God's breath.

From Principal – Term 2, Week 4

The Feast of the Ascension of Jesus into Heaven is on Sunday 21st May.  The Feast celebrates the end of Jesus’ work on earth and his return to God his Father.  The Ascension of Jesus is followed, a week later with the sending of the Holy Spirit and the Feast of Pentecost. The disciples of Jesus were frightened when Jesus left them, for the final time.  They felt alone and in despair.  Jesus sent the Holy Spirit to give them the courage and strength they needed to continue the mission of Jesus on earth, teaching others about God and the way to a life in Christ.  The Feast of the Ascension reminds us that we should continue Jesus’ work by being and seeking God, within us and in others.  We Make Jesus Real as we seek to see God in others.

From Principal – Term 2, Week 3

As Mother’s Day approaches, I take the opportunity to thank all the Mothers, Grandmothers, Aunts and special friends of the children of Matthew Gibney Catholic Primary School.  Thank you for all that you do to care for, nurture and love your children.  Our students are confident, happy, and positive little people.  You have brought them up to be the fine young people they are, and for that, we say ‘thank you!” I hope all our Mothers can enjoy love and blessings from their families on Mother’s Day and be spoilt with affection (and hopefully a little sleep-in).

From Principal – Term 2, Week 2

The month of May is traditionally considered the month of Mary, a month especially dedicated to devotion to Our Lady, the Mother of God and the Mother of all of us. In May, we celebrate Mother’s Day, and it is only fitting that we spend a whole month celebrating especially the Mother who is a model of all mothers, the Mother God chose for His own Son.

From Principal – Term 2, Week 1

It was a pleasure to welcome our students, and their parents and carers, back to school on Wednesday for the start of Term Two.  The students had plenty of stories about holiday adventures and fun.  Thank you to our parents for preparing the students to return to school with such positive attitudes and enthusiasm for all that the new term holds.

From Principal – Term 1, Week 10

Our school term ends this week as our journey towards the great celebration of Easter continues. We commenced Holy Week this week with beautifully reflective and prayerful liturgies, presented by the classes to commemorate the events of Holy Week, and concluding today with the Stations of the Cross.  The key events of Holy Week, from Palm Sunday to Holy Thursday, Good Friday and the glorious Resurrection on Easter Sunday reflect the unconditional love that Christ has for each and every one of us.  I hope that the Easter period will be a happy and holy time for you and your family, full of Christ’s blessings.

With so much happening in our world, the Resurrection of Christ and the Easter story call us to be people of peace, joy, compassion, respect, forgiveness and prayer.

Blessings to all our families for joy and peace of Christ’s love at Easter.


From Principal – Term 1, Week 8

There has been a great deal going on at school over this past week. We have celebrated St Patrick’s Day and Harmony Day and we have enjoyed a wonderful Cool Pool Day.  In addition, the P&F have had a successful meeting and the School Advisory Council have met.  Finally, Paul Litherland from Surf Online Safe presented an informative and engaging workshop to a large crowd of receptive parents last Thursday evening.  This is indeed a busy school with plenty of exciting things going on for our students, parents, and staff.  I am most grateful to our staff and parents for organising all the “extras”.  The “extras” make school exciting and fun for our community.  When speaking to the Year 6 Student Leaders last week they commented on how grateful they are to their teachers for making school life fun.  There is still plenty more going on in the run up to the end of the term.  Please keep an eye on Seesaw notices and this newsletter to keep on top of the busy calendar.

From Principal – Term 1, Week 7

Thank you for supporting our Project Compassion fundraiser today for St Patrick’s Day.  The students enjoyed coming into school wearing green accessories with their school uniforms.  Thank you to the Year 5 Mini Vinnies for providing delicious goodies for the children to buy.

From Principal – Term 1, Week 6

I am always grateful to our parents for their care and courtesy of other road users when using the school drive-through and car park.  However, we have seen a few mishaps this past week that could have resulted in an accident.  A few reminders may be necessary:

  • Please reverse park when using the car park. This is a safety precaution to ensure our little people are safe.
  • Please move up the waiting bays when waiting to enter the drive-through pick-up line. The backlog on the road can get dangerous and the sooner all vehicles can get into the school drive-through, the better.
  • Pedestrians should always use the footpaths when walking to their parked cars – both before and after school.
  • Cars should not be parked in the kiss-and-drop bays. Parents wishing to park and exit their vehicles must use the main car park.
  • Carers and students should only cross the road using the marked pedestrian crossing. This is an important adult-lead example for our children.





From Principal – Term 1, Week 5

Current families with young children wishing to commence Kindy or Pre-Kindy in 2024 are strongly encouraged to collect an enrolment pack from the office and return the enrolment application as soon as possible.  We can not allocate places for enrolment for students who have not returned forms.  Interviews for Kindy 2024 will take place in the final weeks of this term.  Pre-Kindy 2024 interviews will take place early in Term Two.





From Principal – Term 1, Week 4

On Wednesday the students attended Ash Wednesday Mass at St Francis of Assisi Church.  We were pleased to be able to share in a celebration of the Mass the parishioners.  This was the first school and parish Mass at the Church since 2021.  Ash Wednesday marks the beginning of the Church Season of Lent.  It is a time to focus on our relationship with God, and how we can be disciples of Jesus, in the way we act with others and in the ways in which we support the wider human family. It was the perfect way to commission our Year 5 students as members of the Mini Vinnies Association.




From Principal – Term 1, Week 3

I look forward to welcoming families and friends to the annual Welcome Night and Disco tonight in the Undercover Area commencing at 5.30 pm.  The P&F committee have put a lot of effort into ensuring a great night for our community. There will be plenty of treats on sale for the students and younger children.  Please come along and join in with other parents and families.  It promises to be a fun evening.  Parents are reminded to kindly take full responsibility for their own children and make sure they are in sight and safe at all times.



From Principal – Term 1, Week 2

Our students, staff and parents gathered together on Thursday morning, with our Parish Priest, Fr Joseph, to commission our Year 6 leaders into their various leadership roles for the year.  The Year 6 student leader roles have changed to include all students equally.  Our belief is, that given the opportunity and good support, all students all can be excellent leaders.     I look forward to working with our four student leadership councils during the year.


From Principal – Term 1, Week 1

It was an absolute pleasure to welcome our students back to school on Wednesday morning. The looks of excitement and anticipation on the children’s faces, for all that the year has in store for them, were a joy to behold. It is our challenge now, as parents and educators, is to continue to foster a sense of excitement for the learning journey, throughout the entire year.