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Mar 30, 2022

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Forgiveness is a gift. Christians are supposed to be known for their forgiving attitudes. We’re not supposed to run around holding grudges and making people pay for their mistakes. When we forgive someone, we are not saying that what they did was right. Rather, we are giving up our right to be angry about their wrong actions. We are leaving the problem and our hurt with God. God is the one who will judge what should happen to those who do wrong. Instead of paying back wrong for wrong, we should be kind (1 Thessalonians 5:15). 

We’re supposed to forgive others because Jesus forgave us. If that’s how Jesus treats us, then that’s how we should treat others.

Fourth Sunday of Lent

Rosalie 44, is an ex-combatant who lives with her husband and seven children in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Forced to join the army when she was just 15-years-old, Rosalie experienced significant trauma and hardship during her years in the military. After she was demobilised from the army, Rosalie, like other ex-combatants, was left to fend for herself in the community.

With your generous support and through our local partners, Rosalie was able to connect with other members of her community and participate in business skills training to help her to reintegrate into society.

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St Francis of Assisi Parish – Holy Week Mass Times

Year Six Good News

Year Six have worked hard on their Novel Study for ‘Fish in a Tree’!

Upcoming Term One Dates

Sunday 3rd April

10.00am P&F Car Rally

Tuesday 5th April

12.00pm Early Close PK-Year 6

Friday 8th April

Term One concludes for students and staff.

Wednesday 27th April

Term Two commences.

6.00pm Catholic School Advisory Council Meeting (on site)

7.30pm P&F Meeting (on site)

Thursday 28th April

P&F Lap-A-Thon

Friday 29th April

9.00am ANZAC Day Service

Saturday 30th April / Sunday 1st May

Sacramental Commitment Parish Masses.

Friday 6th May

Mother’s Day Liturgy

May 10th – 13th

NAPLAN Years 3 and 5