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Sep 8, 2022

Year 3 Good News 

Year 3 are preparing for their Reconciliation – Tex, Hayden, Aurora, Lachlan, Jade and Nevaeh


From our Social Worker, Chloe Grant

Did you know…

that when you practice GRATITUDE you actively improve your mental health?

When we look for things in our life to be grateful for, we train our brains to seek the positive instead of focussing on negatives. The more we practice the more automatically this happens.

When we practice gratitude and remember positive things about our day to be thankful for, our brain is flooded with feel-good chemicals as if we are reliving the experience all over again.

It’s a win-win!

One way of doing this at home (without making it a chore!) is to go around the dinner table at night and each take a turn saying one thing you were grateful for that day. It can be as simple as “I am grateful for the 10 minutes of sunshine I got during my lunch break” or “I am grateful for the laugh I had with the person who served me at Woolies” or “I am grateful for the delicious dinner we just ate – its my favourite”. In my house sometimes they are as silly as, “I am grateful I had time to wash my hair this morning”

It only takes 3 weeks to change a habit, have a go and see if this can become part of your family routine.

Haircuts Suitable for School

Our School Uniform Policy clearly states that a number 1 haircut, or shorter, is not permitted. I have noticed several boys coming to school with full or partial number 1 haircuts.  Please abide by our school uniform policy and support the correct haircuts, suitable for school.  Notes will be sent home with students who are not abiding with our uniform policy. The policy can be viewed via the link:

MBA Monday Afternoon After School Sports Club

Parents are reminded that MBA Sports will be running an after-school sports club for students from PP to Year 6 on Monday afternoons in Term 4.  Parents may register their child to attend.  Registration and further information is available at: After School Clubs – Term 4 | MBA Sports Coaching – Eastern Suburbs  Please note that availability is limited.


Assembly and Prayer Service Date Change Year 1 and 2


  • Year 1 Assembly – Friday 10th September
  • Year 2 Assembly – Friday 23rd September
  • Year 1 Prayer Service – 21st September


Parent Workshops Offered in Term Three

Several workshops will be offered during this term.  Workshops are offered in response to parent requests and we invite all parent to come along.  Please add the dates to your diaries.  Workshops planned for the term are:

  1. Wednesday 14th September 10.00am (following Year 6 Class Mass). “Managing a Transition to High School.” – Facilitated by Chloe Grant for Year 6 parents.


Upcoming Dates

Friday 10th September

9.00 Year 1 Assembly and Merit Awards

3.15 Fathers and Children Sport Afternoon with MBA Sport Coaching.

Wednesday 14th September

9.00 Year 6 Class Mass

9.45 Year 6 Parent Workshop: Transitioning to High School.

Thursday 15th September

WASO Incursion

Friday 16th September

9.00 Year 4 Assembly and Merit Awards

3.30pm Challenge Club Night of the Notables.

Monday 19th September

9.00 First Reconciliation Retreat

2.30pm First Reconciliation rehearsal at St Francis of Assisi Church

Wednesday 21st September

9.00 Year 1 Prayer Service

5.30pm First Reconciliation Ceremony

Thursday 22nd September

Year 1-6 Interschool Athletics Carnival

Friday 23rd September

9.00 Year 2 Assembly and Merit Awards

Pre-Primary Excursion

End of Term 3

Monday 10th October

Commencement of Term 4