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Mar 2, 2021

Pets at School Policy

We have a number of students who have allergies to pets.  In order to ensure their health and safety parents are requested to keep animals off the school grounds. 


We are so fortunate at Matthew Gibney CPS to have such a wonderful canteen service. Mrs Honter often tries new recipes, listens to the students’ ideas about food for the canteen and offers a variety of goods that are healthy and delicious. There is something at our school canteen for everyone. Please support the canteen when you can. We rely on sales from the school community to keep the canteen going. The school canteen is available for purchases of recess and lunch on Tuesday and Friday. Next term we are planning on having online purchasing available to make things a little easier for parents.

Pre-Kindy and Kindy Enrolments 2022

We are currently accepting enrolments for 2022 into the Pre-Kindy and Kindergarten classes.  The Kindy class is already almost half subscribed.  Please collect an enrolment form from the Administration Office if you have a child starting Pre-Kindy or Kindy in 2022.  Please let family and friends, who may be interested in enrolling their child at Matthew Gibney in 2022, know that they need to collect an enrolment form.  We are always grateful to our current families for their support of the school.  It is your positive comments about the school in the community that encourages others to join.   Positive word of mouth is far more cost effective than spending thousands of dollars on marketing. 

Religious Education News


Second Week of Lent 

This week through Project Compassion we learn about 39-year-old Margret, a teacher at a vocational school for deaf students in the Solomon Islands. She was born deaf, so she knows the challenges it poses to education and employment. Apart from the difficulties the students all have, the school also faced water shortages, with not enough to supply staff and students with safe water for drinking, cooking, washing and growing vegetables. Around 60% of people in rural areas in the Solomon Islands don’t have access to piped water, while about 80% don’t have access to latrines or toilets. (UNICEF, 2019)

Then Tropical Cyclone Harold damaged the school and its vegetable garden, amidst the threat of COVID-19. Staff and students rely on the vegetable garden to provide food for their meals.

With Caritas Australia’s support, the school installed water tanks, provided cyclone-proof building materials and helped to implement COVID-19 prevention measures. Margret’s school now has enough water for its students and the capacity to cater for more, with plans to boost food security, through increased agricultural production. 


Year 5 Mini Vinnies CAKE STALL

Last Wednesday, our Year 5 Mini Vinnies held a very successful cake stall in order to raise funds for Project Compassion.  The Year 5 students were very excited to plan, cook and advertise for the day.  Thank you to the Year 5 parents who supported us in this fundraising activity, and our school for generously buying the goodies. We raised $335 for Project Compassion. 

Making Jesus Real – Week 5  FRIENDSHIP

This week, our MJR focus turns to friendship. 

Through our MJR activities, we find out more about Jesus, and how he wants to be our friend and why it’s important to follow in his footsteps.  

We learn ways that we can be more like Jesus, like being positive, having a good attitude, dealing with problems, being a giver and the importance of teamwork.


Matthew Gibney Bushfire Appeal

Many thanks to all our families who generously donated to the Lord Mayor’s Bushfire Appeal.  We raised $400 to donate to the many people affected by the fires in late January.  Well done to our Year 6 Student Leaders for collecting the funds each morning.   We know that this money will be help to rebuild family homes and lives. 


Year Two Good News

The Year Two class are learning lots about Lent!


Canteen News

Dates for Term One

Friday 5th March

  • Year 6 Interschool Cricket Carnival
  • P&F Welcoming Night 5.30pm

Monday 8th March

  • 8.30am Coffee Van for parents and presentation about school goals and Mater Plan 2021.

Wednesday 10th March

  • 9.00am Year 6 Class Mass

Friday 12th March

  • Year 3 Class Assembly

Saturday 13th March and Sunday 14th March

  • Sacramental Commitment Masses

Thursday 25th March

  • 2.30pm Reading at Home Workshop for Kindy, Pre-Primary and Year One Parents