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Mar 9, 2021

Sizzling Starts!




As I have visited classes this week I have enjoyed talking with the students about their “Sizzling Starts” for Writing.  The student shave been so excited to share their Sizzling Starts with me.  All classes are participating in the Seven Steps for Writing Success Program.  The first component of the program is to teach Sizzling Starts as a writing “hook” to engage the reader.  The standard of the students’ Writing starts have been most impressive indeed. We look forward to sharing snippets from our Writing success over the coming weeks.

Harmony Week

Harmony Week will be celebrated around Australia next week. Harmony Week celebrates Australia’s multiculturism and the successful integration of migrants into our community. Harmony Week celebrates inclusiveness, respect and belonging for all Australians, regardless of cultural or linguistic background. The students will be working with their buddy classes next week to celebrate Harmony Week and we look forward to sharing the displays that the students create to promote Harmony Week with our wider community.




Parent/ Teacher Interviews

Parents are reminded to book a session time for the Term One Parent and Teacher Interviews to be held on Tuesday 30th March.  A booking link will be sent home shortly.  It is important that all parents make a time to speak to the class teacher about student progress in Term One and how parents can support their child’s progress at home.

Safety at the Crosswalk

Parents and care givers are reminded that there is a crosswalk outside the main entrance of the school to provide safety for all families when crossing the road.  The crosswalk is staffed at the end of each day, to ensure the smooth collection of students from school. The crosswalk is not staffed during the morning session.  It has been disappointing to hear that some vehicles are not stopping at the crosswalk for pedestrians in the morning.  Please drive slowly and carefully whilst driving in and around the school.  Your attention to pedestrians, especially young children, is essential in ensuring the safety of our community.


Religious Education News


Third Week of Lent

We are now in the third week of Lent with the Project Compassion story of Oliva, a 22-year-old woman from Tanzania. She did not have the opportunity to go to school and was embarrassed that she was unable to read, write or count. Approximately 260 million children don’t have the chance to go to school. As an adult, her business was losing money because she couldn’t add up her money and give the right change to customers. Then Oliva enrolled in Caritas Australia’s literacy and numeracy classes. She also set up a home classroom to teach her neighbours, for free, because they were too shy to attend larger classes. Oliva has now graduated, attendance at her classes are growing, her kiosk is thriving and she is helping her children with their homework. She aims to become a pastor and run for leadership in the next local election – to help her community to ‘Be More.’

Sacramental Commitment Masses

All students in Years 3, 4 and 6 who will be receiving a Sacrament this year, brought home a Sacramental pack a few weeks ago.  Please bring your Commitment form with you to one of the Masses this weekend (Please read the SEESAW message for further information).  Any student who does not attend Mass this weekend, will need to attend the following weekend, and speak to Father Joseph to make their commitment. 

Making Jesus Real – Week 5  FRIENDSHIP

In the Gospel last weekend, we heard about how Jesus wants us to live a life based on God’s laws.  When we follow God’s laws, we love and serve others.  We become the person Jesus wants us to be.  Jesus wants us to reach out in FRIENDSHIP to those around us, to a source of inspiration to others, and Jesus showed us in many ways how to live a good life and be a good friend. 


Ways to Live like Jesus Did …

  1. Love and enjoy your family – love them people you are with and enjoy them
  2. Engage in life – be kind to everyone you meet.
  3. See the beauty in nature’s gifts every day and appreciate them.
  4. Treasure friendship – enjoy your friends and let them know you are thankful to have them in your life
  5. Give your whole self to everything you do
  6. Always be honest with yourself
  7. Live a life of harmony and balance – avoid excess
  8. Give to others – look around you, is there anything you have that you could share
  9. Be responsible – responsible for your actions and your life

Year One Good News

Year One class have been busy writing “ck” words and also about a pigeon who wants to drive a bus!



Canteen News

Dates for Term One

Saturday 13th March and Sunday 14th March 

  • Sacramental Commitment Masses Yr 3, 4 and 6.

Monday 15th March

  • 2.00pm P&F Meeting
  • 6.30pm School Advisory Council Meeting

Tuesday 16th March

  • Pre-Kindy School Photos

Wednesday 17th March

  • K-6 School Photos

Friday 19th March

  • St Joseph’s Feast Day

Wednesday 24th March

  • Yr 1-6 Cool Pool Day

Thursday 25th March

  • 2.30pm Kindy, PP, Yr 1 and Yr 2 Parent Reading Workshop, facilitated by Mrs Scriven.

Friday 26th March

  • Year One Class Assembly
  • Easter Raffle Drawn

Monday 29th March

  • Yr 4-6 Interschool Swimming Carnival

Tuesday 30th March

  • 12.00pm Early close
  • 12.30-6.00pm K-Yr 6 Parent and Teacher Interviews.

Wednesday 31st March

  • 9.00am Stations of the Cross followed by parent and visitor morning tea.

Thursday 1st April

  • Pupil Free Day – Term holidays commence.

Friday 2nd April

  • Good Friday

Monday 19th April

  • Student and staff commence Term Two.