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Mar 16, 2021

Religious Education News


Fourth Week of Lent

Arsad, an Indonesian farmer, had no toilet in his house, so always had to walk into the forest to go the toilet. His family was often sick.  Around 17 percent of Indonesia’s rural population, or 45 million people, practice open defecation – going to the toilet outdoors in fields, forests and other open spaces. (World Bank)

With the support of Caritas Australia and its partner agency, Laz Harfa, Arsad took part in hygiene, sanitation and financial management training. He then funded the building of a toilet in his house and helped other community members to save money to construct their own toilet.

Now, Arsad’s family is healthier. Arsad inspired his community to ‘Be More

Stations of the Cross  Wednesday 31st March

This year the Year 5 and 6 classes will be performing the Stations of the Cross for the school and parish community, as part of preparation for Easter.  The whole school community it invited to join with us, as we physically walk the journey around our school grounds at 9am on Wednesday 31st March, followed by morning tea.  We invite you to come and pray with us, as we follow in Jesus’ footsteps to Calvary. 

Sacramental Commitment Masses

Many thanks to all students and their families in Years 3, 4 and 6 who attended Mass last weekend, to make their Sacramental Commitment.  We ask that families continue to support their children in the preparation for the Sacraments by attending Mass as often as possible, and sharing in the Sacramental life of the parish. 

Making Jesus Real – Week 7   BEING POSITIVE 

This week, we are learning more about the value of being POSITIVE.  Thinking positive thoughts and trying to see the best in a situation is called having a positive attitude. If we think positively, we are able to solve problems more quickly and learn to look at various aspects of life with positivity. Positivity assists children in being more resilient.

MJR teaches us to believe not only in God, but in ourselves, to look for the hero inside of each one of us.  If we have a positive attitude to life and the people around us, we will continue to grow and develop in so many ways. 

Positive thought lets us overcome mental and emotional barriers, and gives us the tools to manage them. It doesn’t mean ignoring them and pretending they’re not there. Being positive can help to make you a happier person and plays an important part in improving your mental health. 

Pre-Primary Good News

Pre-Primary have been learning about the Power of Yet, to help build our positive mindset. We read the story Giraffes Can’t Dance and then drew our own giraffes and talked about this things we can’t do….YET!



Canteen News

Dates for Term One

Friday 19th March

  • St Joseph’s Feast Day

Wednesday 24th March

  • Yr 1-6 Cool Pool Day

Thursday 25th March

  • 2.30pm Kindy, PP, Yr 1 and Yr 2 Parent Reading Workshop, facilitated by Mrs Scriven.

Friday 26th March

  • Year One Class Assembly
  • Easter Raffle Drawn

Monday 29th March

  • Yr 4-6 Interschool Swimming Carnival

Tuesday 30th March

  • 12.00pm Early close
  • 12.30-6.00pm K-Yr 6 Parent and Teacher Interviews.

Wednesday 31st March

  • 9.00am Stations of the Cross followed by parent and visitor morning tea.

Thursday 1st April

  • Pupil Free Day – Term holidays commence.

Friday 2nd April

  • Good Friday

Monday 19th April

  • Student and staff commence Term Two.