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School News

Mar 23, 2021

Reading Workshop Change of Date

The Kindy to Year Two Reading Workshop scheduled for this week has been postponed to Term Two. The workshop for parents will be held on Thursday 22nd April commencing at 2.30pm. Toddlers are welcome.


Open Day and School Tours

An open day and school tours will be held on Thursday 29th April.  The school will be open for tours in the morning between 9.00-11.00am and in the afternoon between 4.00-6.00pm.  Please encourage family, friends and neighbours, who may be interested in sending their children to Matthew Gibney Catholic Primary School, to come along.  Please encourage visitors to rsvp to the administration office.


Parents are remined that the students return to school in Term Two in their Winter Uniform.  I have spoken to the students about wearing their uniform with pride each day.  It is important that the students come to school with their hair neat and tidy and with their shirts tucked in. Parents are reminded that jewellery is not appropriate at school.  Simple studs or sleepers can be worn along with a simple religious medal.  No other jewellery may be worn.  Coloured nail varnish is not allowed at school.  Patterns cut into the hair is not appropriate and hair accessories should be the school colours only.  Thank you for supporting us in ensuring that our students look neat and tidy at school and have pride in wearing their school uniform.


Religious Education News



Fifth Week of Lent

Halima is raising her two children in a refugee camp in Bangladesh, while caring for her mother who has a disability. Widowed at 21, Halima fled violence in Myanmar’s Rakhine State, arriving at the camp with nothing.  Caritas Australia, through Caritas Bangladesh, helped Halima with shelter, cooking equipment, hygiene and sanitation training. She took on the role of community trainer herself, organising the cleaning of washrooms, wells and toilets.  Halima aspired to “Be More” and is proud that she is able to earn a small income, while maintaining the health of her family and the cleanliness of the camp community.

Stations of the Cross  Wednesday 31st March

This year the Year 5 and 6 classes will be performing the Stations of the Cross for the school and parish community, as part of preparation for Easter.  The whole school community it invited to join with us, as we physically walk the journey around our school grounds at 9am on Wednesday 31st March, followed by morning tea.  We invite you to come and pray with us, as we follow in Jesus’ footsteps to Calvary. 

Making Jesus Real – Week 8   BEING POSITIVE 

MJR teaches us to believe not only in God, but in ourselves, to look for the hero inside of each one of us.  Encouraging positive thinking in children is one of the important aspects to shape their personality and future. As parents there are ways we can foster positive thinking in our children.

Be a role model

The more optimistic you are as a parent, the better understanding your child shows in the principles of positive thinking.

Do not dismiss the negative emotions

If your child is facing negative emotions and situations such as defeat or pain, do not dismiss the feelings right away. Acknowledge them and explain that such emotions are a part of life. Encourage them to look beyond the problem and think what good might be disguised in the problem.

Encourage and motivate your kids

A family is the first school for any child. As a parent, your motivation and appreciation work wonders in instilling confidence in your children.

Let your children believe that they CAN and they WILL.

Kindy Good News

Kindy have been very busy getting ready for Easter. We have grown plants, had baby chicks and made crosses. We have learnt about Jesus and new beginnings!


Canteen News

Dates for Term One and Two

Friday 26th March

  • Year One Class Assembly
  • Easter Raffle Drawn

Monday 29th March

  • Yr 4-6 Interschool Swimming Carnival

Tuesday 30th March

  • 12.00pm Early close
  • 12.30-6.00pm K-Yr 6 Parent and Teacher Interviews.

Wednesday 31st March

  • 9.00am Stations of the Cross followed by parent and visitor morning tea.

Thursday 1st April

  • Pupil Free Day – Term holidays commence.

Friday 2nd April

  • Good Friday

Monday 19th April

  • Student and staff commence Term Two.

Thursday 22nd April

  • 2.30pm K-Yr 2 Reading Workshop

Friday 23rd April

  • 9.00am ANZAC Day Service