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May 1, 2020

Religious Education News

May, the Month of Mary

In our pilgrimage of faith, we walk always with Mary at our side. She is our model of faith and she helps us with her prayers to live by faith. She teaches us to believe as she believed.

During this month of May, we pay special honor to our Blessed Mother.  

Matthew Gibney Catholic Primary School has always honoured Our Lady with a beautiful procession of her statue and then a week of prayer and devotion. This will be postponed to October this year, the month of the Rosary.  

 In this time of great difficulty for many people, it is so important that we continue to intercede with our Holy Mother, to look after those who are sick, or suffering financially. 


Family Prayer

As we cannot attend Church at the moment due to COVID19, it is a great time to refocus on family prayer. 
Every family is unique and their family prayer life will be too! What works for one family would be impossible for another. Whether it’s highly structured like the Rosary or Divine Office or less formal like meditation or spontaneous prayer, there is a style to suit …