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Jun 5, 2020

Good News

The Year Ones have loved exploring 2D and 3D shapes in a hands-on, play-based way as part of their maths unit this term!


Religious Education News

Trinity Sunday

Trinity Sunday is celebrated on the Sunday after Pentecost, reminding us of the three different ways we experience the one God whom we worship. We worship God the Creator; we worship Jesus who experienced the life of a human; and we worship the way that God works within us – the Holy Spirit.

Prayer to the Holy Trinity

The Father is my hope.
The Son is my refuge.
The Holy Spirit is my protector.
Glory to the holy and undivided Trinity,
now and for ever.



Mini Vinnies Milo Mornings


On Thursday 11th June, the Year 5 Mini Vinnies will be selling warm milo from the canteen from 8.20 – 8.50am.  All Kindy and Preprimary students must be accompanied by a parent when buying their milo.  

In the past we have used, and then washed our own plastic cups.  Due to current health situation, we will use disposable cups.  We don’t want to hurt the environment so we greatly encourage students to bring along their own travel mug.   

We also ask you to bring the correct money where possible, to help us also reduce money handling.


Sports News

Matthew Gibney May Step-a-thon!
Thank you to all that participated in the May step-a-thon, I received 770 entries from family members and students. It was fantastic to hear students at school comparing, talking about, setting goals and planning on how they can reach a higher amount of steps and being active every day. 

View the Step-a-thon results

Junior Cross Country


Pre-Kindy 2021

We are currently accepting enrolments for Pre-Kindy in 2021.  Children are invited to commence in the Pre-Kindy class at any time during the year, once they have turned three years old.  Our Pre-Kindy program is staffed by a qualified early childhood teacher and teacher assistant.  The program is competitively priced at $55 per session.  The sessions are for one full day.  Please encourage neighbours, friends and family to consider the Pre-Kindy at Matthew Gibney Catholic Primary School for their three-year-old children as an excellent alternative to daycare.  Enrolment information for Pre-Kindy is available on the website or from the administration office.


Uniform Shop Sale Items

The Uniform Shop Sale has been extended until the end of Term Two.  Orders need to be made using the ordering form available on the school website.  Please note that not all sizes are available for the sale items.  Please liaise with Lisa Denys, Uniform Shop Manager, for further information about availably of sale item stock.  Sizes not available in the sale will need to be purchased at full price.

  • Short Winter Check Skirt $15.00+GST
  • Rep polo $13.00+GST
  • Faction Polos $13.00+GST
  • Trackpant $20.00+GST
  • Track Jacket $25.00+GST


Canteen News

Warm Milo will be available from the Canteen on TUESDAY mornings from 8.30am for $1. 



Battery Recycling

We are very pleased to “do our bit” for the environment by offering recycling collection for household batteries. You can drop your batteries off in the metal collection bin in the hallway opposite the Year 3 classroom.


Friday Giving

Don’t forget our Friday Giving Appeal to help the needy.

Please bring your donations of canned foods or non-perishables, etc. to school for collection each Friday.

Thank you for your generosity!



Parents are reminded that absentee notifications need to be sent through to the administration office prior to 9.30am in order to avoid an SMS message being sent out.  Parents emailing their class teacher about an absentee are asked to copy the administration office email into the message.



Club HQ

Before school – After school – Holiday care

Flexible booking options available.
08 9454 5444
Local business supporting
local community



Dates for Term Two

  • Thursday 11th June
    • Milo Morning for Mini Vinnies
  • Friday 12th June
    • Coffee Van Morning
  • Wednesday 17th June:
    • 6.00pm Board Meeting
    • 7.30pm P&F Meeting
  • Thursday 18th June
    • Milo Morning
  • Friday 3rd July
    • Final Day of Term Two
    • Reports available to parents.